Friday, January 27, 2012

Scotty McCreery This Week's Best Tweets

Scotty McCreery makes Taste of Country's Best Tweets of the week!
Looks like Taste of Country should've waited just a little bit longer to pick their tweets of the week - because Scotty scored even higher on Temple Run!

Temple run is just what i do on the road, haha. That last one was so close... But so far away...

Scotty may have made Taste of Country's Best Tweets of the week list - but his boys back in Garner had a hard time believing that he really scored this many points and took to twitter to let him know! Haha

Colin Perry Colin Perry @Colin_Perry
@ScottyMcCreery liar ;)

Kyle Tobin Kyle Tobin @Ktobin13 @Colin_Perry @ScottyMcCreery haha was thinkin the same thing ;)

Carlton Timberlake @ctimberlake @Ktobin13 @Colin_Perry @ScottyMcCreery it's impossible to get that much hahaha

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  1. I was on Twitter when he posted that and the first thing that popped into my head was...I bet this ends up on Taste of Country, tweet of the week...hahaha. The next thing that came to mind was Scotty...what a boy thing to say...haha. Too cute.


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