Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scotty McCreery sends Greta a gift

Check out the great gift I got in the mail yesterday!
by Greta Van Susteren

My husband and I were with Reverend Franklin Graham in Haiti and the Dominican Republica at Christmas time to give out gifts to children (Samaritans’ Purse Operation Christmas Child.) We ran into American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and his family – they were also doing charity work. We had dinner with them and they are a great family! (The grandmother is really fun!)

I love having an autographed copy of the c/d — but, of course, I love his singing so much that I downloaded this months ago! I have been a fan of his since I first saw him on American Idol so it is a real thrill to get this signed c/d.

By the way, check out his singing. I bet you will also love it.


  1. Can anyone tell me where I missed Gayle's comments after she saw Scotty's performance?

  2. Love that Greta loves Scotty!!

  3. Marva, Gayle wrote that she got sick and had to leave the concert. They were not allowed to take a video cam inside. They also had car trouble! But they did get home safely. She was SO apologetic! As if it were her fault that she didn't get anything for us to see! Bless her heart!

  4. PS...So happy for Greta, but a little jealous! She loves our Scotty! One more reason to love her!

  5. Hi Marva, IT IS gAYLE, I wrote on another section in our Fans of Scotty Fan Club.
    I did get sick, but I am well now. Brads bass was way too loud it rumbled my
    insides. Then I got a headache then I got sick and had to go back to our room.
    Everyone here at Fans of Scotty are so sweet to me. I love you all. Have a
    Wonderful Sunday. I am so Thankful Scotty is being received with so much LOVE !!!

  6. Thanks Gayle. I was away for awhile and where I was I could not get on to the internet, I came back and had so much to read and was truly excited to hear that Scotty CD had gone platinum and that you were going to his concert. I was overwhelm with so much good news about Scotty but have not had the time to read it all. I have to settle in and join the chat room and catch up on all these good things that have been happening to our boy. By the way, I was doing some gardening yesterday and a carpenter nearby was playing his radio, I nearly jump out of my skin when I heard Scotty's I love you this big playing on one of our radio stations. I live in the country of Barbados. I was besides myself. I hope that you are much better now Gayle. Thanks a bunch for responding to me. Donna, Hayley, Tara and whoever I missed while I was away, you are doing a great job on this site.


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