Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scotty McCreery Sales week 1/18/12 Hit's Daily Double


       Final Clear As Day Album Sales Numbers For Scotty McCreery

LW TW                                                                                           #Sold  Down

Scotty is currently sitting at the 34th Album position for overall sales. And #6 for Country.  These are still great great numbers for Scotty.  With idol beginning tonight, we might get a bump as people are exposed to him again. I home we get to see him tonight with last years flashbacks, or something! Looking forward to it!
Posted on IDF by: Dusty 

Single Sales
Scotty McCreery, The Trouble With Girls (24,000, -34%, 437,000)
Scotty McCreery, I Love You This Big (6,000, -42%, 761,000)


  1. Yes these numbers are still good. From what I have read January is not a good month for artists in regards to album sales, etc.

  2. Hey! Trouble with Girls is almost Gold and just look at ILYTB...WOW! Scotty is just moving right along and with AI starting again and the Brad Paisley tour...

  3. Updated numbers for CAD - under 10,000 (about 9800 I think with a minus 38%). It doesn't look like he's got a bump from the Paisley tour yet...hope that will come for him.

  4. Donna, An update with my struggle with the mega So Cal station GoCountry 105, I avoided the manager and sent a polite request to the 2-7pm host (drive time) for Scotty's TTWG...and added a note to explain why I merely checked their play sheets and missed their advertisers by not listening. Mentioning Scotty's debut album going Platinum in 3 months, one single going gold and the 2nd single close to it, I stated that we don't have to listen to the station as we BUY his music and tickets to his appearances. I was sorry that their station was not among the award winners which SCOTTY ANNOUNCED at the CMA's....but there is always a reason, yes?
    Scotty's TTWG played within 15 minutes of my email.
    Yes, I realize that one should always be polite, but when that NEVER brings results, a heavier message is needed or so I thought.

  5. Good for you, 6:04 PM!!! Are you going to Scotty's Lancaster,CA concert?

    Gramma S.

  6. Aghh, I can't go and it feels like I got left off of the invitation close, yet so far. Sigh.

  7. I can't believe that Scotty didn't get nominated for a grammy. He was at the top of the billboard for so long and he has gone platinum and now I Love You So Big is close to platinum.

  8. 6:04 That was great! You weren't being nasty to them but a lot of these stations are being childish and the only way they are going to change their behavior is with a little tough love. I they think that people will stop listening they will change their attitude.


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