Friday, January 20, 2012

Scotty McCreery QDR interview, Girl Friend Status, College and more.

Edit by: Donna
Here is the link for the interview that QDR did this morning. The link will take you to the QDR Morning show page, then scroll down and you will see where the interview is.


We'll have it up once they have it on their site. Scotty said he thinks Raquet Ball is his new thing, he really enjoys it! He's been accepted to ECU but still waiting on other acceptance letters, and hasn't made any decisions yet.

The crash boom heard around the world when Mike Wheless asked Scotty about a girl friend. Mr. American Idol skidded around the question, and said he's very busy BUT if he did LIKE somebody he wouldn't announce it on the radio. HAHA! Well wasn't that smart.

He DIDN'T say HE HAS A GIRL FRIEND. He said he's too busy, then when asked "IS THERE ANYBODY YOU LIKE" he said. He wouldn't tell it on radio. I think some are thinking that means he does have a GF, but I didn't pick up on that, just that if he LIKED somebody he wouldn't say it on AIR. VERY SMART SIR!

Also in regards to the kid on American Idol who said he "Beat Scotty" Scotty's response was
"I don't want to say he lied, but he did" Scotty said it was a semi-finalist round and 2 made it through, they were the two. There wasn't a WINNER/LOSER .. Just two that made it through.

Well have the interview up as soon as possible.

(I'm in a rush, I did not spell check this, or edit) HAHA! hope it all makes sense.