Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scotty McCreery pictures from SLC, UT

I received permission from @annmarie_moore to post her pictures from the concert last night. If you choose to copy any of the pictures & use on your personal pages (facebook, twitter, etc) please give her credit for them. Thank you & enjoy.
Just click on the pictures to make them larger

Scotty & the band playing football

Momma Judy singing along with her boy
Sc0tty showing some love to his fans

I love this black & white picture!

Here is a link to view the other pictures she took at the concert last night!


  1. quite nice indeed!!!

  2. Absolutely Love these pics! No wonder everyone is so "taken" with our youg man. Watching the videos, I am reminded of a review a while back referring to Scotty's "humble swagger". I started to pay more attention to how he moves on the stage and I totally agree with this description. Has anyone else noticed how he walks with such self-confidence? Just Love this country boy!

  3. Thanks you so much for the great picture. I know I have been asking about the buses and where they all sleep from city to city. I know how difficult it can be going from city to city like that night after night it can wear you down very fast. Scotty Mom is unreal what she is doing for Scotty it what you call true LOVE

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  5. Really glad to hear the crowd is lovin him. Has anyone noticed that Scotty has completely dropped off the 12 pack winners. And LA's songs are #2 and #4....What is up with that, must be something internal at CMT. It was bad enough that they obviously are not making him eligible for much on the top20 still...and now to just drop off 12-pac gives viewers impression he is not doing as well as he is...I don't mind if he get's beat out fair and square but something is not right with CMT voting if Scotty is not making impressive showing. He was still #1 at GAC top 20. I feel like he will make top 3 for best new artist....his ads are everywhere, but interestingly Scotty and Hunter Hayes are the only ones I'm seeing lot of ads for.

  6. so very nice scotty you loved so much your fans


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