Friday, January 27, 2012

Scotty McCreery Performs WY#OMH in Idaho

Write My Number On Your Hand
credit to: canIkeepyouu


  1. Saw this on the chat this evening Donna so thought I'd post it here so everyone is aware of it as soon as possible...please just delete it when you put it on somewhere else as I know you will be.

    Just a quick note to let you all know that Scotty is not showing on CMT's Pure 12-Pack list at all!! Last week he was numbers 1 and 2 and this week he isn't on the list at all!! Anyone know what might have happened? Keith Urban at #1 and Lauren GP at @#2.

  2. I just voted for both of Scotty's songs on CMT Pure 12-Pack and TTWG onCMT to 20. I never see the ranking. He is back to #1 on I wish we could see the ranking chart for the ACM voting.

  3. Donna,
    I have been voting for Scotty on all of these polls but due to obligations this week my voting has decreased some, hopefully next week will be better. I don't know how to say this and please you can remove this but last week on one of the other sites and I will not name it, one of the artists fans were complaining in regards to the position of there artist on CMT 12 pack. They were accusing Scotty's fans of voting against this particular artist and voting for another artist to prevent them from being higher on the chart. I do not believe that this is true for most of his fans. Comments were made that some of his fans were commenting on Taste of Country that they were voting against this artist to prevent them from advancing. I did respond telling them that as a fan I do not have the time to vote against any artist, nor would I do this. Donna let fans know to be careful regarding comments made because other artists fans read these comments and this could hurt Scotty. We do not want this to happen because he works hard and does not deserve this. Lets all work together to support him and try to help him. Most all remember him in our prayers.

  4. i think there is more going on with cmt than those other fans complaints -- voting is voting -- the whole goal of these contests (or what they like to call "polls") is to win or get your artist of choice to #1 -- as for comments, i have not read any rude comments made by scotty fans, on the contrary -- we also have to be aware that fans of other artists will read what's on scotty fan sites -- they should accept that scotty fans vote heavy -- what's wrong with that!? i have always said something fishy going on at cmt and although i vote for scotty there everyday, i think they do not allot all the votes to the artist, rather for every so many votes they award a few to another artist, something like that --

  5. i think (and i could be wrong) that they are trying to promote someone else -- scotty obviously has a strong supportive fanbase --

  6. Scotty has been 1 & 2 on on the Pure 12 for a long time. They obviously know his fans are loyal and voting every day! Isn't that what we are supposed to do? But it is probably discouraging to other artists who are very good and they want to promote, who don't have as enthusiastic a fan base. Hey...the make the rules. If they have a rule that says after an artist has been #1 for x # of weeks, they are dropped off......okay......publish the rules. We can go elsewhere............


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