Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scotty McCreery has eye on diploma

Scotty McCreery has only one semester left in his senior year, and he’s going to spend much of it on the road with Brad Paisley. Not that McCreery is complaining — he’s just working around it.
The tour starts this week, and McCreery has made arrangements with his teachers to hand his schoolwork in on schedule. However, the American Idol winner says that he wants to go to college this fall and that he realizes his professors might not be as accommodating of his work schedule.
“That’s going to be a whole another monster,” he says. “But we’re going to figure out a way to do. It might take me 50 years to get a degree, but I want to get there and go to college.”
McCreery’s mother is a certified high school teacher, and he says education has “always had a big value in our lives.” But he says it’s the fickle nature of the music business that’s motivating him.
“In the music business today, you’ll be around and in a few months everybody forgets about you,” he says. “I want an education to lean back on.”
But McCreery isn’t too worried about that right now — he’s focused on his opening spot on Paisley’s tour.
“I’m pumped,” he says. “I think this is going to be kind of laid back and fun. Brad is an easygoing guy.” — Cindy Watts


  1. I Hope and Pray Scotty will experience a
    Very Long and Successful Career in Country Music.

    Scotty has a "LOVE TONE", that speaks to the HEART

  2. Gayle, what a beautiful description of Scotty's voice (LOVE TONE). I listen to his cd every day and it does absolutely "speaks to the HEART" and sooth our souls. I also pray for Scotty and his family every day and hope to be able to experience his music for many years to come. Like JL said on AI....with the right song, he is legendary. That song hasn't come along yet, but I have no doubt Scotty will find it....hopefully, one day soon. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site. I come here several times a day to keep up with "our boy".

    Florida Grandma

  3. All legends have their own humble beginning and I believe that in time Scotty will be his own legend. He is the whole package. And, he's off to a really good start. The songs will come, in time and as he continues to grow into his own as an artist. I admire and respect him for the person he is (even at his age) and how he values his education. I wish him all the best in his music career and like "Florida Grandma" said, I hope to hear his music for many years.

  4. Great articles! Thanks for your posts. Again, this is a terrific site. Yes, the right song is
    out there somewhere. Blessings to Scotty in his
    pursuit to fulfill his dreams. His fans are fortunate to be devoted to such an outstanding,
    well-grounded young man! He has a natural talent to entertain on stage! <3


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