Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scotty McCreery GAC Interviews

Here is the link to GAC website if you scroll down the page you will see there are 2 interviews listed for Scotty one of his ACM Memory & the other being an ACM finalist. The videos are just short, I didn't watch the special last night so I'm not sure if that's all there was to his interview or not :)



  1. On the show, it was about a 4 minute slot. They did mention that Billboard choose him as Country's No. 1 newcomer.

    BTW, when we hit on the above link it says "Thank you for your vote". I suppose that's because when you sent the link, you had just voted. So, for anyone who does hit on the link, you can still vote, it does not count.

  2. I'll just post this here....On Brad Paisley Youtube someone uploaded the Alcohol video where Brad pranks Scotty w/ the bathing suit picture.


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