Friday, January 13, 2012

Scotty McCreery DD & WITC Grand Rapids, MI

Credit to: cantdefineit

A Walk In The Country


  1. Video was a little lopsided, but still great to hear him sing, and hear the crowd respond to our Scotty. It's so much fun watching the videos. I am so proud of Scotty. God keep y'all safe!

  2. Grandmom Vera, Could you possibly be Scotty's REAL Grandmom?!

  3. Hailey, Have you heard from Gayle?... And did you get my comment that I could not get back on chat because someone else was using my name or color?

  4. GrammaS

    We haven't heard from Gayle yet, and glad you made it back into chat. Hopefully bad weather had her return delayed.

  5. Grandmom Vera - Sorry about the video. As soon as we find a better video it will be posted. I just wanted to get videos up for ya all to watch and these are the first ones that's surfaced from the Grand Rapids show.

    Gramma Shirley - No Hailey & I neither one have heard from Gayle - and we are hoping due to the bad weather she is just somewhere that there is no internet connection.


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