Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scotty McCreery Concert videos from 1/12 & 1/14

Thank you @LindaChen168 for tweeting these videos to me!
I have also added these videos to the the Virtual Reality Tour 2012 Video page.
Unfortunately, even though every concert has been sold out we are not finding a lot of videos :( so, if any of you find some please let us know in the comment section! :)

Walk In The Country Minneapolis, MN 1/14
Credit to: ShannonC313

You Make That Look Good Grand Rapids, MI 1/12

Dirty Dishes Minneapolis, MN 1/14


  1. what a great treat...waking up on a snowy Saturday morning and enjoying new Scotty (good quality) videos. Thanks for making my coffee time extra special. Denise

  2. these video clips are on YouTube -- where are Kansas City & Wichita? :(

  3. Karee -

    Most of the videos, if not all, that we post on here are from YouTube.haha We'd like to find some from Kansas City & Wichita too - but there are none to be found. I didn't expect to find anything from KC since it was just last night but thought for sure we'd have some from Wichita by now, but nothing! So, once we locate them Karee - we'll be sure to get them posted on here for ya! If you locate them somewhere Karee just post it in the comment section so we can get them posted here.


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