Friday, January 20, 2012

Scotty McCreery Brad Paisley Tour Recaps, Tweets, Pictures, Proposals! OH MY!

Don't forget Scotty is being interviewed this AM on QDR about College and Girl Friend Status??  The link is in the post below this one. 

Here are some GREAT recaps from last night's show. Courtesy of Idol Forums. 

On Scotty's You Tube video for ILYTB There was a comment left that read:

I was at the concert tonight in Kansas City and just wanted to say that while you sang I Love You This Big I proposed to her.... I just wanted to let you know.
Countryboy200532 4 hours ago

Awwwww <3

Next is Lemonade Stands recap, she was at last nights show. I'm posting it here too, because it's a really wonderful recap! Thanks Lemonade Stand for the amazing recap of your Show experience:

It was amazing! Seriously had butterflies just after seeing the banner with his name. I had really, really good seats so it made it all even that much more spectacular. Scotty's voice was impeccable, his stage presence was mature yet he still showed his boyish self and had fun with it. He smiled a lot which made me happy and was really enjoying the crowd, which adored him. I was trying to think of his best song of the night but he really performed them all so, so well!

He took a break to thank everyone who got him to where he was, helped him achieve platinum and for giving him so much love tonight. He also charmed the crowd with mentioning someone had told him about our bbq (KC's known for it) and said that he was definitely going to check that out. That got a great reaction from everyone.

He came out for Celebrity with Brad and people went nutsss. Seriously, so much screaming for his reappearance. Brad also name dropped Scotty several times during his set, making jokes about his age and whatnot.

The funniest part was at the end during Alcohol where everyone comes back out. I think they had some VIP people too, but there was one woman who appeared to be fifty, kinda grabbed Scotty and started dancing and whispering to him. He was such a gentleman and cute about it, as she dragged him out the front tee, but he was also the Scotty we all know; kinda uncomfortable and awkward. It made me giggle but I was glad that it only lasted a few minutes. He handled it well though! Brad also had the picture of Scotty in the speedo again and made a point to sing some line in his song about the picture, getting quite a reaction from the crowd.

I am not a picture/video person at concerts... Sorry! crying.gif I have found in the past it taking away from my experience.


kylieschmidt24 Kylie Schmidt
@ScottyMcCreery was deff the best part of the concert

kellylynn94 Kelly Savich
@ScottyMcCreery best night ever. Marry me? And come up to suite 12 to meet me. tongue.gif

laurendostal Lauren Dostal
@ScottyMcCreery MARRY ME YOU ARE AMAZING. #inlove #obsessed

cosper_katie Katie Cosper
Dear @ScottyMcCreery you have gained new superfans in Kansas City!

kellylynn94 Kelly Savich
@ScottyMcCreery I'm pretty sure I just died and went to heaven. You are perfection. Absolutely amazing concert.
IPB Image   Head over to Idol Forums to read more.  Thanks for all those in chat last night. So sorry I had family to take care of, and couldn't really be there.  When we get videos we'll have them up, and I'm sure QDR will have their interview up later, we'll post that too.

Additionally, in chat last night it was mentioned that WRAL announced SCOTTY WILL BE ON IDOL, when we have the specifics to that we'll let you know!


  1. Thank is so nice (and appreciated) to wake up, make my coffee and read the info you have collected for us. A good start to a cold but sunny day here in Michigan. Hope all you Scotty fans have a blessed day! Denise

  2. I have never followed an artist before. Or did I ever vote on Idol until Scotty. I read Brad Paisley's next leg of his tour has Miranda Lambert as a guest and the Band Perry and Jerrod Nieman. I was so disappointed I didn't see Scotty. Is this the way it works? I'm new and just learning about how it all works. I learn alot here at Fans of Scotty. I visit often and just want to say what a fantastic job all of you do.

  3. Also Chris Young will also be a guest joining the tour for performance at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

  4. 07:55 AM Yeah! sorry to say I think this is the way it works. They invite several artists throughout their tours, I think Taylor Swift has various artists appear at different locations. I wish he could have been with Brad on the whole tour but at least he has had this exposure and I think it has really been good for him. Don't know what his management has in store for him but they keep adding appearances, so we will see. I think for a new artist Scotty is doing fantastic, so proud of him.

  5. could also be that they have to work around scotty's academic schedule also --

  6. Love the recap & tweets.

    WRAL announced that Scotty will be on Idol? Was there any doubt 'cause this was a given (except for the exact date).LOL

    Brad's tour was in my hometown 2 years ago (love him), so he'll probably show up again for the 2nd leg (just my luck to miss Scotty).
    I see TBP will stay as one of his opening acts. Not really interested in any of his opening acts, but will probably check out Brad if he comes thru again.

    Yeah, I'm sure Scotty's mgmt is trying to accomodate his school schedule. Come summer I hope he joins another tour or does some solo dates in or near my hometown 'cause, ya know, I'm tired of these vicarious Scotty fixes. LOL

  7. Saw KC concert. Full house from the beginning!
    Now that's something special!! Scotty and his
    band were terrific...very mature and professional. Brad Paisley is such a gracious
    host to his opening acts including them in other
    parts of his show. Great role model for Scotty!

  8. Where are the videos from last evening show,I do hope there are some.S,o Scotty will not be with the tour until March.That doesn't seem right,they lead us on to believe this whole tour was with Scotty and THE band Perry,so where does it end for Scotty

  9. Love this post! I am so thrilled for Scotty. He is definitely getting great exposure, and I know he is winning the hearts of many new fans. God Bless! My prayers are with you always! :)

  10. I could be wrong but I think there is a misunderstanding about this tour thing.

    If you look at Brad Paisley's schedule, he only has a few dates filled in this summer. Also, The Band Perry shows lots of dates but, other than Wrigley Field, they are not with Brad. Scotty has a few different dates also, but again, not with Brad.

    It could be that the summer tours just aren't set yet. It certainly could be that Scotty will not be on the summer tour but in an interview a few days ago someone asked Scotty if they would be coming to a particular city, and Scotty said that would be up to Brad.


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