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Scotty McCreery answers questions about Fame, Platinum Album, and Brad Paisley Tour

This is a really long read, but well worth it. Scotty talks about finding out "Clear As Day" has gone platinum, and the In's and outs of fame. What single will come next? Will there be a next single? What's his favorite song to perform on tour? What was it like seeing himself on the opening credit of American Idol? College, and more.  This is a jam packed interview. ENJOY!

2011 was quite the year for Scotty McCreery. The 18-year-old was named the winner of American Idol season 10 last May, and his album, Clear As Day debuted at Number One on both the Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums charts. Additionally, he was named New Artist of the Year this past December at the American Country Music Awards.
Scotty McCreery - credit: ScottyMcCreery-Official.comAnd the success has continued for McCreery in the new year. Clear As Day was recently certified platinum in achievement of one million units sold. He also has been nominated for New Artist of the Year at the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards.

The young country singer is currently a part of Brad Paisley's "Virtual Reality Tour 2012," which also features The Band Perry. Last week, McCreery graciously took the time to speak with me about his success, touring, and who he's rooting for during the new season of Idol.

First off, congratulations on Clear As Day going platinum.
Oh thank you, thank you.

Where were you when you first found out about your album going platinum?
We were in Nashville, actually, rehearsing for the tour. Normally, I get the news from, like, my manager or something. Apparently my attorney, he found out first and he sent me an email and kind of got the word out to us first. We were all excited and pretty pumped that rehearsal day.

Has it been overwhelming at all to have quite a bit of success in a relatively short amount of time?
Yeah, at times. It really has been. You kind of have to deal with it and go along with it. It's just kind of my life now. We're learning the ins and outs of it and learning how to deal with it. But, it's cool. It's cool having to deal with this, you know? It's really wonderful.

From what I've seen of you in the last year, you really do seem to take your success in stride. What do you credit your being able to stay humble about everything that has been going on in your career?

My family. I've got a great support group back home, and actually [to] get a chance to go home and not necessarily staying on the road. It's been a real blessing for me. I haven't forgotten about my roots and where I came from and my hometown. I still have my friends in school; just being around them keeps me level-headed, keeps me sane, keeps me the same old person I was before I left.
That's good to hear. I know your current single is doing pretty well on the charts right now, but has there been any talk about what your next single might be?
Not yet. We're still pretty focused on "The Trouble With Girls"; we've got to let it run its course. Country radio, it takes awhile for it to really get on up there, so we're going really support this one and then we'll see about the next one.

You're currently on tour with Brad Paisley; how have the shows been going so far?
Oh, they're going great. It's really easy when you have somebody like Brad out here, who's just such a nice guy and makes you feel right at home. And The Band Perry, they've been great as well. It's been a fun tour to be on. It's a really a great fit for me, I think.

Do you get nervous at all before hitting the stage each night?
Oh, you better believe it. Yeah. It's a whole new experience every night. It's a different crowd, and I'm really in front of country music fans now. It's pretty cool. 

I would assume you're performing close to the same set every night, how do you keep things fresh for the different crowds each night?
You know, you only have 25 minutes to wow 'em, so you gotta go out there and give it your all. It's just fun. As long as it's fun, it stays fresh. We can go out there and have a good time with it. Right now, it's a whole lot of fun.

Has a certain song become your favorite to perform each night?
Oh man. It kind of changes, but "You Make That Look Good" and "Write Your Number On My Hand." Those two are really fun ones to perform. The crowd really gets into them. It's cool singing those two.

I hear that Brad is prone to pulling pranks on tour, has he managed to prank you, yet?
Yeah, he got me once. He just kind of photoshopped my head on a big, muscular Speedo body at the beach. That was funny. He put it on the screen during the last song of the night, kind of got a big roar from the crowd. It was all fun and games, so we'll have to find something that we can retaliate with.
What is your favorite part of touring?

Oh, just being on the road. Meeting the fans and getting to sing songs for them. These are the people that really got me to where I'm at. It's just cool to see them and say thank you
Speaking of your fans, any fun stories from this tour?
The fans are incredible. They never cease to amaze me. They're always at the shows with their signs and stuff. The funniest thing that's happened to me is a big guy came up to me and said, "Scotty, sign my belly!" and lifted his shirt up. I had to commend the fella, so I signed his belly for him. He walked away and said, "I'm never washing it again." And I said, "You better wash that." [laughs] It was funny.

What are some things that are your must-haves on tour?
On the last tour, the Idol tour, I was big into the sweets. But now I'm coming up on baseball season, and I just need to get back in shape, so I'm eating healthier. We've got the XBox on the bus. Other than that, I've got my iPod. That's about it. I'm not really too demanding when it comes to a bus rider.

Is there a certain city that you're looking forward to playing on this tour?
Denver will be pretty cool. And Vegas. I think that's one of the biggest cities we're heading up to, so it'll be cool to get back there. I think we're playing Mandalay Bay. Maybe after my set I'll walk down the strip and enjoy the lights
You're a senior in high school this year, so how has it been balancing your career with having a normal high school life?
Oh, it's been all kinds of fun. I enjoy high school, I enjoy being there with my friends and getting to hang out. But, I also enjoy the music and getting out here with the fans and singing a lot. It's really cool for me to be able to do both. It's been a fairly nice balance with schoolwork and being on the road. We've made it work pretty good, I think.

Since you'll be graduating this year, what are your plans as far as college goes?
Well, I've applied. I've gotten into East Carolina. That's the first place that I've heard back from today. I've applied to North Carolina State as well. Also, Belmont University and Tennessee State. We'll see where I end up, but we're not certain yet.

Did you happen to watch the Idol premiere last night?
I did.

What did you think about seeing yourself in the opening credits?
It was pretty cool seeing that. I remember coming off the show people were saying, "You're going be part of the introduction next year." It was pretty wild seeing that.

Were there any contestants in particular that stood out to you?
Oh, well I've known that David Leathers, Jr. guy before from a previous competition. Schyler Dixon and Colton Dixon. They were with me last year when we were at Hollywood Week, and we became good friends. So, I'm rooting for them this year. They're good pals.

What kind of advice do you have for the contestants once they hit the live portion of the competition?
Oh man, just don't let it stress them out. I made that mistake a couple times. You're just there to sing, have fun, and really entertain the crowd. If you let the stress of the TV part of it, the live show part of it get to you, the singing and the entertaining won't be fully there. Stay laid back, get your songs right, work hard, and you'll be set.

Other than winning Idol, what has been a real standout moment for you in the last year?
Oh, goodness gracious. There have been a lot of really cool things I've gotten to do. I've gotten to sing at the World Series. I got a chance to go on the Grand Ole Opry. A lot of really cool things have really happened this year that I'll never forget. I'm telling you, its been wild.
  This was a great interview, and I loved all the questions.  Im glad TTWG's is doing so well, and country radio is a long boil for a song.  Here's to hoping for a 3rd single from Mr. American Idol! I would think with the success of the album, and the singles a third one would be a given, yet Scotty made it seem a little uncertain. We'll just have to wait and see! 



  1. That was a great read! Scotty is poise and confident and is a good interview subject. Just wondering how TTWG is currently doing sales wise, and what ideas for a 3rd single are being considered. Thanks.

  2. Scotty never disappoints with any interview he does, he sounds so mature but also, his boyishness comes out as well...Scotty is also good at being cryptic...I have no doubt that there will be another single, with the success of the other two singles, they will want to put out an uptempo song and we all know that one of his uptempo songs would do great on the radio.

  3. I didn't read the interview as any doubts about the fact that another song would be released, simply he didn't know which or when. He said the same on the online interview he did. From what he did say about audience reaction, I would guess the next would be You Make That Look Good (where he does play the guitar) or possibly Write Your Number. I also like Walk in the Country. But, if I was better girl, I'd go with YMTLG.

  4. I meant if I was a "betting girl", but I guess "better" would be good as well.

  5. I didn't read the interview as any doubts either.I think Scotty is just not saying but I think YMTLG would be by guess.Always gives great interviews.

  6. he always gives great interviews, especially when the questions are "intelligent" ones ;) -- i am guessing that they are thinking to go with YMTLG -- i like the song, but i still can't picture scotty in a music video to go with that song -- i kinda like WITC & WTT -- just my preferences -- his decision/choice in the end --

  7. Io actually love YMTLG n I hope that will b his next single

  8. Scotty mentioned the "bus." I am so curious about this! The interview was great as usual! (Have we ever heard a bad one?) I am sorry to focus on the bus thing. Maybe he wants to keep it quiet so fans won't be following it around. People have been wondering if he bought a bus or is he renting one. I guess if we see a bus parked in a Bojangles parking lot we can assume it's Scotty!.

    Thanks for posting this wonderful interview!

  9. Funny that you should mention the video, because I thought YMTLG would make a great video. They could have a cute girl and a muddy Loretta join him. WITC also could be great video; kinda ala Keith Urban.

    I know Scotty wanted to stay age appropriate with his songs and I appreciate that. But it would be good to have songs that people a little older can also relate to. His first 2 singles are clearly teenage songs, and I really like them. I'm just saying I think a little older group could directly relate to YMTLG.

  10. Regarding Scotty and a bus, I did read on twitter somebody saying they saw Brad's Buses pull up and there was about 6-8 of them. They were pretty sure Scotty was on the busses. I know this isn't very reliable, but it's I know. lol :)

  11. Also love all Scotty interviews, so honest and "down to earth". If the next single is YMTLG, hope they have the same producer for the video as they had for TTWG....what a great job he did with that one!

    Off Topic: I am concerned about the voting process for ACM New Artist of the Year. There are penalties for trying to manipulate the voting and I really hope that none of Scotty's fans are doing this. We really want our boy to win....but we want him to win "Fair and Square". Just don't want anything going on that would embarrass Scotty and his family. I know they would hope everyone is voting honestly and following all the guidelines as specified on the GAC/ACM voting site. Just Saying.

  12. Don't get me wrong -- I like YMTLG -- just not too keen on that part about the front porch, but then again that's just me :) -- I'm sure any next single he puts out will be a hit too -- I like TTWG -- it's sweet --

  13. Scotty is so calm, cool, & collected when he is being interviewed. That laid-back presence makes it enjoyable for anyone talking to him. He truly is a remarkable young man. God Bless Him! :)

  14. Videos don't have to be too literal. I think "You" by Chris Young is a great song and a really great video; I wouldn't be surprised if it is nominated for Video of the Year. Although they don't have anything in common, it works.

  15. @9:16 AM - Fans can vote from different devices but only one time per day per device -- and each device has to have its own IP (Internet Protocol) address -- that's their rule -- the other tricky part are those 2 words we have to type correctly before submitting our vote -- I think that for those who don't understand computers or who are not sure, just vote one time a day from your one computer. I could be wrong, but I think you have to register per device also --

    -- this is a tough one, but I think the fans are being careful -- sooooo nervous about this acm thing -- i'll faint if he makes the top 3 nominees in this first round of voting!

  16. Thanks Karee. My concerns came from some comments on another site where it appeared some fans were trying to figure out a way to vote more than once per day on the same cpu??? Don't want anything happening to hurt Scotty. Maybe I am being overly concerned and a little too protective. We fans can get that way sometimes.

  17. I have been voting again on my son's PC using his name and email. Hope that is safe!?

  18. I am so excited to see him in Lancaster, I wonder why it has'nt been avertised more!!!!! I am going to see him at Mandelay Bay and again in Lancaster, but I am for sure just going to see Scotty!!!!!!

  19. Scotty's album has been so popular and all the songs on it, have been listened to, so much, by those of us who have his album, and those who have listened to all his songs on the internet, I sort of wish, Scotty was coming out with a new single, but I guess that's not how the music business works. Do they make singles out of all the songs on an album?? Does anybody know??

  20. No, they do not release singles for all the songs. Just the ones they think will get airplay, may help sell the album to those who haven't purchased it yet, and/or have the single downloaded.

    For instance on Miranda's early album, Kerosene, I think they only released two (at least that's all I heard on radio). Her Revolution, produced at least 4 singles.

  21. To 10:46AM,I'm doing the same - Vegas & Lancaster. Only for Scotty.

  22. What is Scotty doing? I see on his twitter he is heading to sound check.

  23. Good Question!!

    Alo, there is another interview at:

    There is a new written one above and a video one below. Sounds like he has a cold on the video; don't know when it was recorded but he was in NY

  24. Great interview as always. Love him.

    In retrospect, I think the right singles were released from Scotty's CD to date. Come May 2012 a new Idol will be crowned and we all know how fickle Idol fans can be. Scotty's very popular, but he will inevitably lose some fans(yeah, I know it's hard to believe). The good news is that (IMO) the rest of the songs on his CD are sooooo good and should garner him new fans to make up for any loss.

  25. He might lose some Idol fans but look at the country fans he has gained.A lot of country fans do not even watch Idol

  26. Idol will be hard pressed to replace Scotty. It would have to be another Country Boy, and I doubt that will happen. I don't think any of us will leave Scotty to follow any Pop or Rocker, do you? And I don't think it is Scotty's decision about the next single. His manager or label makes those decisions. Even the seasoned performers can't choose.......just watched a BackStory on GAC where that was talked about. Sometimes a single stays alone for months. DN's single was on the charts for 47 weeks finally went to #1. Had they introduced another single too soon, It never would have made it to #1. That is important. Just don't get too anxious.



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