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Scotty McCreery American Idol Staying Power and His Success

American Idol begins it's eleventh season tonight on fox. The hit show will return with no major changes to it's format. Even with other singing competitions trying to compete for the Amercian Idol audience, American Idol still reigns as UNSTOPPABLE. But, the question to many head scratchers, is why?

What draws more people to watch American Idol than any other television show in our country? Well, last year it was the 17 year old Garner North Carolina Native, who with his deep baritone voice and charming personality stole the hearts of young and old. Can American Idol pull off another "Scotty" winning season. All the fun begins tonight on FOX.

FROM AZ CENTRAL (Thanks for he heads up in the comment section about this article) 

"American Idol" has survived changes in the judging panel, competition from "The X Factor" and "The Voice" and even Brian Dunkelman (co-host with Ryan Seacrest during the first season).

There's a reason, says executive producer Ken Warwick: The show exemplifies the concept of the American dream.

Q: Last season Scotty McCreery won and has been successful. Two years before, it wasn't the same for winner Lee DeWyze. Why is that?

A: Scotty just appealed to a big audience. That country audience down South is huge. Scotty just absolutely fit the keyhole that he was made for. He was young, good-looking, a sportsman, a wholesome kid and he had this lovely, rich bass-baritone voice. We always say to these kids: It's not that you can sing, but have you got something about you that you can communicate commercially? Scotty was really made for the show. He was a slam dunk

Q: So it doesn't hurt the show's reputation when the winner doesn't have a hit-making career?

A: I can honestly say we start the show every year with a fresh feeling. We've done 11 series; some series are not as good as other series. Last year was a great series.  <-- I MUST AGREE :)

     It's hard to believe that one year ago, we all were introduced to Scotty. What a year it's been!!

Will you be watching American Idol tonight? Scotty said he would be, I know I will be.  Chat will be open tonight, for those that would like to watch and chat.  If your on a different time zone, than it would be a spoiler for you, unless you watch online.  You can watch online (I have to find the link) when I do I will add it to this post. 

Scotty McCreery one year ago, Auditions January 26th Aired.  (I miss you season 10)  <-- Link to chat, a lot of people are asking for the link to be here on the site in a permanent location. I will do that at some point over the next two days.  Somebody always seems to be in chat. It's been so wonderful getting to know all the amazing fans.  Chat picks up a lot more during the evening hours.  There is no registration needed, as the chat room has been updated to eliminate this.  If you need  instructions on how to join chat see Here

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  1. i like to see how they try to top last season! it was one year ago that i thought they had done a voice over for scotty cause i couldn't believe how deep a voice was coming out of that kid (at the time he was only 16) !!!! Seasons past has Proved How successful Country Music is (Josh Gracin Kelly pickler Danny Gokey etc)

    i always Said Win or lose Scotty was Gonna be a house hold name........But He was gonna win lol! And so Proud of him!

  2. i don't think they can top last season :) it was the BEST AI show EVER!!!! and all because of Scotty McCreery, really -- from day 1 i already knew he would take the title -- oh gosh, but i am just so anxious about this acm thing now -- nerves, nerves, nerves! LOL -- last year we were all following him on AI and then during the tour -- this year barely started and we are all still following him on tour! hahahaha -- and the polls! it seems the voting never ends! :D woohoo, Scotty!!!!

  3. Watching this always puts a smile on my face.... Scotty is still the same lovable Scotty....I agree with Karee-last year was magical, and watching Scotty grow as an artist has been nothing short of wonderful....

  4. I can hardly wait for his next album! :)

  5. Ditto to all! I don't think I will watch this year because there will never be another Scotty!
    Or anyone even close!... I'm with you Karee on the nervous bit!... Scotty deserves it the most but only God knows if he will get it... We all will do our best to make it happen, won't we?

    Gramma S.

  6. oh, YES, Gramma S.! Voting every day! And praying for him, us, everybody! :D

  7. What a year it has been for Scotty, his family and all his newly acquired fans! A wild ride none of us ever wants to end!

    I'll watch AI but think the winner this year will have to have a different music genre - as has been said before no one can top Scotty in the country field. (or any field his fans would say!)

  8. I love AI & been since Season 1 so, yeah, I'll be checking it out tonight.

    I agree that "cute, talented, sexy, deep-voiced country singers" need not apply 'cause that slot's been seriously taken. Love Scotty, love his music, and I'm staying on the Scotty train.

  9. I love watching AI and will be watching again this year, but there is no way this year's episode can come close to the "magic" Scotty brought to the 2011 show. Agree with everyone above, I will always be a passenger on the "Scotty Train" and pray he will be around for many, many years to continue warming our hearts with his beautiful voice and sweet spirit. Love him like one of my own!!! BTW, I just bought 2 more CDs this morning for gifts for friends. As I always say, let's spread the love!

  10. Has anyone seen this new Scotty/Lauren Fansite listed under Scotty's sites, where Fans of Scotty and Scotty Fans 24/7 are listed. Noone's mentioned it so I'm wondering if I'm the only one seeing it?? They're very excited to have a site for Lauren here with Scotty and asking people to vote on a name???

  11. 1:03PM, I haven't seen the site nor am I interested in seeing it. But that's nice that they're excited about it, I guess.

    Regarding AI, let the games begin! But yeah, Scotty RULES!!! If Scotty's near a TV, he'll probably be watching, too.

  12. Scotty tweeted that he'll be watching tonight's premiere. I'm sure he'll be grinning ear to ear watching those auditions. AND...the Paisley tour continues tomorrow night. YAY!

  13. Yeah, I'm watching Idol this season because (except for 1 or 2 seasons) I find it very entertaining.

    Gotta love Scotty! We may not get him a win on EVERYTHING, but we can sure as hell VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! To use a Scotty phrase "go BIG or go home".


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