Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scotty McCreery has natural ease & humble swagger

Brad Paisley: 'Virtual World Tour 2012' Review
January 23rd, 2012 by Marian Tuin

Opening the show was the current American Idol Champion Scotty McCreery. It was clear he already boasts a robust fan base evidenced by the shrill screams of delight every time he opened his mouth to sing or speak. Undoubtedly he has vocally earned and deserves that admiration with a nearly pitch perfect and deeply seductive southern voice. During the set he sincerely thanked fans for, “Getting me through American Idol!” And in return sang his first American Idol single, “I Love You This Big”. He also performed his current radio hit, "The Trouble With Girls" among others off his debut album. His set was under scored by a natural ease and a humble swagger (if that is possible). Scotty clearly knows who he is as an artist and confidently steps up to deliver from a poised reserve of talent.

I am the first to admit that I'm not Country music’s biggest fan, but I will say of all the live music I am privileged to witness, Country by far has some of my favorite fans and performers. They are unpretentious, real and really ready to just simply to throw down and have a good time. They embody our everyday life and by doing so reach into the lives of so many with their music.



  1. Humble swagger.... exactly! Confidence without arrogance is so attractive. His amazing voice and sweet disposition are a wonderful combination. I plan to enjoy his music for many years to come!

  2. "Humble Swaggar"...I love it, what a perfect way to describe Scotty. Deeply seductive southern voice, is also right on. I love reading these reviews. Again, thanks for making my morning coffee time so pleasant.


  3. Right on to you both!..And the review coming from a non-country perspective!...I would only add that his "humble swagger" comes also from his confidence in his God!...He says he always tries to please God in everything! Love you Scotty, TTMAB as always!

  4. I agree with everyone, Scotty just has a God given talent. He brings joy to so many people

  5. Very nice accolades for Scotty (and for country music fans in general), especially considering the reviewer is a pop music critic reviewing a country music tour. She admits to not being a country music fan, yet she was able to give an objective review. Some of these acid-tongue critics out there can learn some lessons in objectivity from this reviewer.

  6. I hope Scotty has read this review. For me, it reflects why Scotty has such a wide variety of fans. What more can one say about such a special young man.


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