Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mike McCreery On QDR at 8:10AM


Mike McCreery called into QDR this morning for a quick interview. He says Scotty is a low key person, and doesn't really show if he is nervous, so it's hard to say if he's nervous for tonight's show. He's ready for the show, and after tour he will return to school with some other shows thrown in there.  Mike is not with Scotty tonight, but Mrs. McCreery is with Scotty.  I missed the beginning of this interview, so hopefully QDR will post the full interview on their site. We'll put it up if they do.  Listen live now. I will update what he says when the interview is over.


  1. After having no snow in the Midwest all winter, it seems Scotty's arriving in the midst of the first winter storm. Hope it doesn't affect attendance for this first week out.

  2. The interview also said Scotty was excited about the tour and looking forward to learning alot from Brad and the Band Perry. Mike took Judy and Scotty to the airport this morning and they were in the air during the interview.

    So excited for Scotty tonight. Saying a prayer that all goes well for the first night of the tour!


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