Thursday, January 12, 2012

End of the 1st Night Tweets

Best seat in the house is standing on stage w everyone during the encore. No more gracious headliner than @bradpaisley

The crowd at the end of the show! What a night! So honored and blessed to be out on the road w/ Brad and the Band Perry

Other highlights: @BradPaisley forgettin lyrics to "Letter to Me" & tellin @ScottyMcCreery that high school ISN'T the best time of his life!


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@ScottyMcCreery loves Grand Rapids this big!!!


  1. hey guys go to brad's site there is a nice review and it sounds like our boy didn't hit just #1 home run but his whole set was on fire.oh my just so excited can hardly type am so proud & scotty was so greatful as always way to go scotty love ya MJ IN TX

  2. Where did you find the review. I don't see it on his website.?????

  3. to 840 pm its on scotty's site now but may be able to see more pic on brad site which is under brad paisley tour site.mj in tx


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