Saturday, January 21, 2012

Brad Pasley Celebrity (Ft Scotty Mccreery!)

this was a days ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 1/14/12 and its kinda really far and the sound is pretty good Scotty comes in around 1:33 I LOVE what Scotty brings to this song!!!!!!!!!!


  1. this is soooo funny :D i watch this video several times day! hahaahaha -- scotty and brad are really cute/funny together --

  2. This is one of my favorites. So great to see Scotty having so much fun and have become a Paisley fan because of Scotty. Have always enjoyed his music, but seeing these clips and realizing how supportive he is of "our boy" makes me like him more. What a Showman! I know Scotty is learning so much on this tour. Just love these videos and pictures. Thanks again to you "girls" for working so hard to make this site the BEST!


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