Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brad Paisley Catches ‘Scotty Fever’ – This Week’s Best Tweets

By Amanda Hensel

Bieber Fever? Never heard of it. In the country music world, we catch Scotty McCreery fever. Brad Paisley kicked off his Virtual Reality Tour this week, bringing with him the ‘American Idol’ winner and the Band Perry. It seems Paisley was especially impressed by McCreery, because he tweeted to his Twitter followers that he caught what he dubbed ‘Scotty Fever’ after the first night on tour. Who can blame him? McCreery is having a heck of a time out on the road with the ‘Water’ singer, too — he shared with his fans how thankful he is to be there.

Also realized my tweet earlier didn't go out. Which was- I believe I've caught Scotty Fever. it's very contagious.


  1. "SCOTTY FEVER" Some of those tweets are so cute, but this one is absolutely true! As they say in the chat me some Scotty! lol

  2. I've caught Scotty Fever a year ago and the Fever is getting hotter by the day. Watching the chat video of Scotty temp when way up.
    Scotty is so natural = so down to earth = he is unreal = he is a gift from God
    Had 2 of my sons over for the day and we all sat for hours and voted for Scotty Kiss 108 ultimate Idol but is did not change the %. I check a few hours later and it still did not change. PLEASE VOTE VOTE FOR SCOTTY

  3. Hailey, Tarah----PLEASE tell everyone to go to Kiss and vote in the Ultimate Idol poll---1st round ends tonight, and David Archuleta is 50.2 to Scotty's 49.8!!!!!!!!!! If David beats Scotty this round, then Scotty is out of it for good!!! Y'all---we cannot let this happen!
    You CAN vote over and over----open multiple windows, etc.

  4. Well I am sure glad that Brad called it by name!!!cause whatever it is I have had it ever since Scotty auditioned for Idol, voted for hrs and hrs.this kid is adorable and boy can he sing, love love his voice. I am sure I have Scotty fever!!!!!!!


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