Friday, January 6, 2012

Are you still requesting Scotty at your local radio station?

Please don't forget the most important things we can do for Scotty, are vote online for his video, and REQUEST AT YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATION.

Here in the comments I am reading how a station said they didn't add Scotty to their play list because he isn't being requested. There are other variables that determine a stations play list, but requests are one.  So please make sure your still requesting Scotty at your local radio station. 

Remember to be polite, stick to stations in your area, and don't call over and over and over again. Dj's don't like that, and can bad mouth an artist on the radio, and we don't want that. 


Please and Thanks! <3


  1. Scotty CMT top 20 countdown ,he isn't in now please go back vote for him again,CMT 12 pack ILYTB has gone too ,I always voted both ILYTB and TTWG.

  2. vote scotty-artist,music,singer,celebrity,hottiestoftheyear,.. baseball-thebluecrews....fansite-fanofscotty

  3. I am very sorry to report radio stations that I
    have requested to play "My Scotty", HAVE NOT
    DONE SO. I request very nicely and only once in a
    while. There is a problem. And it is NOT SCOTTY.
    Maybe after Scottys Concert in Grand Rapids, Jan 12 things will change for "MY SCOTTY" !!!!
    I want to hear SCOTTY on the radio so BADLY, so I
    can scream like a "YOUNG GIRL" gayle

  4. This is strange that TTWG is #1 on CMT 12 Pack when most,if not all of us, also vote for ILYTB and I voted hard this week on CMT Top 20. I have to wonder what is going on...the video is still missing on both.

  5. I agree with Gayle 6:35 am. I have requested very nicely at my country station and they will completely ignore my request. I think some of them have a problem with the fact that Scotty did not come up through the honky tonks. But on a good note, I was listening to the Highway on Sirus XM and TTWG's is #24 this week on the top 30 countdown. We just have to keep requesting nicely and not too often. As Scotty's popularity rises, they will have to play his music!

  6. To the person that said they voted hard this week for scotty on top 20, the voted you put in this week will go towards next weeks top 20. This weeks top 20 was determined by votes that were put in last week. Please do not give up. Just keep voting. We will get it back.

  7. i also request Scotty not to often any more was told by kplx that they want play Scotty period only when AI was on shows over. But on a bright note they did play TTWG last night about 10:38pm on Cody Allen's show and also countdown shows on klpx.

  8. I would listen to Country Radio when in the car. Even when requesting Scotty I had to listen to all this other stuff that I had no interest in, Taylor, Lady A, Band P, Solo Cup Shake your bootie, Honey Bee over and over again, and no Scotty..I believe that stations should be playing the most popular artist and based on the previous year, how can that not include Scotty. Very disappointed in the station politics..

  9. I too was very disappointed that Scotty did not make CMT Top 20 this week....I voted every day and was hoping he had moved up from the #19 slot from last week. Since he didn't even make the list this week, I will not be watching the show....will continue to vote and maybe next week he will be back in the top 20. Also, GAC will be airing their first 2012 Top 20 show on Jan 13 so please remember to keep voting on this site. Would love to see Scotty take up where he left off in 2011....#1!!! Thanks.

  10. They never play Scotty in SoCal. I've requested so many times- nicely. It's frustrating.

  11. Hopefully there will be time for him to visit radio stations during the tour I think this is something that has been missed - the personal interviews - I have heard that radio personnel is charmed when he visits - especially the ones that had never met him before.


    On usa today poll best idol album 2011 --
    Scotty is now 31% to James Durbin 28%.
    We love our Scotty!!

    USA TODAY RESULTS as of JAN 7 --
    Which 'Idol' album was 2011's best?

    Lauren Alaina, Wildflower 1%
    Kelly Clarkson, Stronger 26%
    David Cook, This Loud Morning 13%
    James Durbin, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster 28%
    Daughtry, Break the Spell 1%
    Jennifer Hudson, I Remember Me 1%
    Mandisa, What If We Were Real 0%
    Scotty McCreery, Clear As Day 31% *****


  13. Radio stations have to be "wooed" -- it's annoying, but that's how most of them are. Sometimes the djs would like to spin some songs but the station management won't let them for whatever reason. I think some of these stations want Scotty to visit them in person. I don't agree that it's because AI10 is over so they won't play his songs anymore. I don't know why they give the male artists such a tough time! I am hopeful that 2012 will have its own momentum.

    On CMT I noticed that ILYTB is not listed anymore in the Top 20. And I thought I missed it also in the 12-pack? I've been voting there daily since the beginning, whatever happens. Something fishy at CMT and TOC also. I sometimes think it has something to do with promoting LA. GACTV seems to be the only fair poll. But Randy Jackson said it himself: you have to go with the fans! Notice how all of a sudden there are all these polls, almost like trying to test the power voting of Scotty fans!

  14. Eventually the radio stations are going to have to play Scotty. Can you imagine!? He has not only won awards, he keeps winning in these online polls also! You'd think somebody would get the message! But radio is like that, with anything. If you want them to air a song or songs or plug your event, whatever, you have to visit them in person.

  15. Hmmm, maybe the "powers that would be" are holding Scotty back, waiting for someone else (and I won't mention any name) to get up there. I worked in marketing, advertising and pr, and I quit because I could not stand it.

  16. anonymous who posted at jan 7, 1:52 pm. I agree your observation.

  17. I have asked at my local station hear in Canada but they don't seem to listen,and if they do play his song,it's ILYTB,but I want to hear TTWGs.Also if you have time can you go to cmt top 20 and vote for TTWGs ,its #1 at top 12 pack but not in the cmt top20,we need to start voting over there,please

  18. Maybe we fans need to go on "STRIKE" like they do in the hospitals and work places. Let's all not listen to country stations for one week every other day. At the hospitals, the health providers go on strike for a day.......doctors do slow down strike.......Scotty's fans will do one day. If no result, we can do it the following week at every other day. And so on, till they take notice to our demands. We are their listeners. We are the fans that have our car radios tuned to their stations. Let's listen to another station on our strike. This will make the radio stations take notice just like the hospitals. We are the fans. The fans are the listeners. These fans make the air waves busy or silent. Judging from the number of Scotty's fans who are trying so hard to vote for him on all the polls he is on, I am sure we'll make a tremendous impact. We need a site to lead: the start date, stations we will strike on, notification to all of Scotty's fan sites (so we all start at the same time), notification to the stations. I am in. Let's show FAN POWER.

  19. ILYTB was played at least twice everyday on the country station, where I live. Such a beautiful song. To be honest, TTWG I don't think has the same appeal to those who choose the songs they play on their radio stations. A lot of the songs they play are a bit more raunchy in content, and TTWG is a very sweet song, that I think sounds much better live, than the original orchestral version on the album. Is that maybe why its not played that often?? I don't know, just a thought. Who it does seem to appeal to are the younger set, who by the number of views on utube, love the video, and buy the song on I-tunes.

  20. TTWG is a great song for radio and so are all the other songs on CAD. I tell you, "they" are holding Scotty back. I cannot imagine why anyone would not play a song/songs that are being requested, when they play all that other noise. I think Carrie U. had a similar experience with her Jesus song and the stations refused to play it but then were forced to because people were barraging the stations with calls requesting the song.

  21. @1:52 PM -- if your observation is correct, then they should not do that because Scotty is his own artist and not competing with anyone.

  22. I have requested TTWG in the suggestion box when I do a survey for a local station and it wasn't on the survey list! I only have heard TTWG once on the radio that was only because it was on the local station's top 30 countdown and it was at #28 and it was 2 weeks before Christmas! Thursday night in Grand Rapids we have to show the local stations in this area that Scotty does have a lot of fans in this area that want him to be heard on the radio! I am talking about B93 in Grand Rapids and WinCountry 98.5 in Battle Creek since both stations have been annoucing and talking about this concert!I listen to 98.5 on the radio and listen to B93 online!

  23. Dear Donna, Dear Hailey, Dear Tara,

    What should I do as a Fan of Scotty's to ALLEVIATE
    Western Michigan ? I would appreciate any help you can offer me. Thank-you in advance. Gayle A.
    Williams, Grand Haven, Michigan

  24. Scotty's label needs to release You Make THat Look Good..........No one can say that is not a great radio song. Also, who can sit still while Write Your Number On Your Hand is playing. Might be the wrong time of the year for that, however. Yahoo! I only listen to the radio when my granddaughter is in the car. The rest of the is Clear As Day, or the AI CD. Still love those covers.


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