Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Dominican Republic Pictures courtesy of Twitter

Here are more pictures and thoughts posted by Mr. Mike McCreery:

Buenos dias! Going to be a great day. So glad my mother is here with me on this trip. She has a lot of spunk and has made so many smile.

Had a great day handing out gifts, attending an amazing church service and playing beisbol with local kids.

Time to call it a day. I'll leave a simple thought. We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Buenos noches!

One of my favorites. This boy was sooo happy.
@ScottyMcCreery and a new friend finding a football in a shoebox.
Me with some of the boys we gave gloves and bats to.
Another one at the baseball field.
Me with some of the boys @Ktobin13 and @ScottyMcCreery during the Santo Domingo Open won by Kyle.

From Ashley:

My new friends:) <3 them

Another amazing day here in the DR loving on the kids:)Ready for another 1 tomorrow!Buenos noches amigos <3 Matt 19:14

In a response to a tweet saying they (the team w/ the McCreery's) are probably getting more out of it than the kids she tweeted:
yes sir:) these children have blessed my life so much this week! hope you guys are having a great week:)

Scotty McCreery pictures from DR

@MikeMGarner Mike McCreery
@JudyMacGarner and my mother getting the boxes ready

@MikeMGarner Mike McCreery
@ashleymccreery2 and @JudyMacGarner handing out some joy

Scotty McCreery More DR pictures

Mike McCreery
and working together to get boxes ready.

This is some of the group that went with Scotty to DR
Mike McCreery
@MikeMGarner Mike McCreery
Mi mama Paquita working to spread some cheer to the kids.

Scotty McCreery Billboard - News - Country Music's Biggest Moments of 2011

"American Idol" Goes Country

With Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler both enjoying success on the charts, it was no surprise that a country performer won this past season of "American Idol" on Fox, as Scotty McCreery did in May. What might have been the surprise that the runner-up was also a country act, Lauren Alaina. The debut albums for both were two of the biggest releases in country this fall.

To read the full article you can click on the link below

Josh on Scotty McCreery: "I Don't Envy Him One Bit" - Country Weekly

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Josh on Scotty McCreery: "I Don't Envy Him One Bit"
Yes, the two singers sound alike, but Scotty is way too busy for Josh Turner's tastes, Josh says.
Blair Garner | Published: Dec 29, 2011
You’ve heard lots of folks compare American Idol winner Scotty McCreery to country star Josh Turner. They do sound a lot alike, right?
Though Josh tells Country Weekly columnist and After MidNite radio show host Blair Garner that he’s glad he doesn’t have Scotty’s busy life right now.
“When I see him, he’s just doing the best he can at just staying awake,” Josh says. "He's pretty busy, and I don't envy him one bit.
"He's going from here and there and everywhere, doing the music thing, finishing school and playing baseball. I got to talk to his parents a good bit, and they're pretty tired and busy. They were taking a red-eye out after the [American Country] awards show so he could be at school the next morning. . . .
"But he's kept a level head on his shoulders, and for his age and what he's been through, I think he's handled it really well, and I'm proud of him."

Scotty with a little boy in DR and tweets

EDIT BY HAILEY:  Scotty tweeted this picture! So sweet. I'm not 100% sure what Scotty means when he said on twitter that he'll tell us all about it tonight. Perhaps he's planning a little twitter party? Or just going to update us tonight some other way.. MAYBE A VLOG? I would love that! Either way, we'll just have to wait and see.  See his tweets below the picture.


Scotty McCreery

Here's a pic of me and a little boy I gave a shoebox present too today!

Scotty McCreery
Found some wifi at lunch.. Haha. Such an incredible time already today! Gave out boxes n had the chance to donate a guitar to the church!
Scotty McCreery
Time for another great day w/ some cool kids here in the DR! I'll tell you abou it tonight!

Scotty McCreery and Family 2nd ppls magazine picture

Thank you ScottyStreett for this post. I love this picture!

PHOTO SCANS: McCreery Family Feast (People Magazine Extra 2011)


Scotty McCreery twitter

FROM: @ScottyMcCreery - Scotty tweeted this out

Scotty McCreery
Great day here in the DR w/ operation Christmas child! Here's one of the little boys who got a slinky in his box today!