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Scotty McCreery Rough Stock 2011 In Review

Scotty McCreery (19/Interscope/Mercury Nashville)

Against all the naysayers who thought Scotty McCreery was a one-note ‘hack,’ who only could sing ‘second-rate’ Josh Turner songs, Scotty not only moved on through each step of American Idol season 10 but he ended up winning the whole show and has now become the most-successful winner since David Cook in 2008. The album features “The Trouble With Girls” and “I Love You This Big” but there are a few other strong tracks like “Ditry Dishes” and “Water Tower Town” and “Walk In The Country.” 2012 will likely see the album Clear As Day hit platinum (it’s nearly there already) and likely will see him score his first Top 10 single.

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AOL Sessions

In just a matter of a few months, Scotty McCreery has made quite a name for himself beyond 'American Idol.' The humble North Carolina native was wrapping up his junior year of high school when he won the popular reality competition show, with a record number of votes cast. Since then, he has seen his debut album, 'Clear As Day,' not only top the all-genre charts but also break chart records. With the album’s debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, Scotty is the first country artist to have an all-genre chart topper with their first studio album. At 18, he's also the youngest male singer ever to accomplish that feat. And with one more for the history books, the album’s first radio release, 'I Love You This Big,' was the highest-charting debut single by a new artist since 1984.

So, has this instant, mind-blowing success gone to the former grocery store clerk's head? Absolutely not. What’s just as important to the baritone-voiced musical prodigy is staying true to his roots, his faith, his friends and family. When Scotty visited AOL's New York City studios, we were just as impressed with his humility and Southern charm as we were with his flawless performance of four songs from 'Clear As Day.' Still, the singer insists he’s "not Saint Scott." "I've messed up plenty of times and done some stupid stuff that I shouldn’t have done," he insists, "but that's being a teenager."

A teenager with an incredibly bright future ahead of him.

The Trouble With Girls

"It's a sweet song about all of the great things about girls, and turns around and says the 'trouble with girls is that nobody loves trouble as much as me.' Saying nobody loves girls … cause girls are beautiful things. So glad God put 'em on the earth with us."

I Love You This Big

"There were a lot of factors that played into getting that single, cause it had to be right for the 'Idol' moment, you know the finale moment. But then we thought it had to be good for radio as well, and that was really the one that we thought could have that balance and have the right things that it needed to do that."

Clear As Day

"The county right over next to me has one of the highest death totals for teenagers in car accidents. I’ve known personally some of those kids, and I’ve known friends of those kids, so it’s been a … those are tough times, you know? So, every time I sing that, those memories are flashing back in my head."

Out of Summertime

"Sometimes I get impatient with my family and I have to tell myself to stop, and there have been some times where I’ve messed up and screwed up, I’m not Saint Scott. I’m not some dude that hasn’t ever messed up before, I’ve messed up plenty of times and done some stupid stuff that I shouldn’t have done, but that’s being a boy, that’s being a teenager. You can’t get too upset about that stuff."

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Scotty McCreery Always Turns to Elvis's Christmas Album at the Holidays

Interscope/19/Mercury NashvilleAmerican Idol champ Scotty McCreery is getting ready for a "Blue Christmas" this year. At least he plans on listening to that Elvis Presley holiday classic. Scotty tells ABC News Radio, "Of course, we've got the Elvis Christmas album. We've got all the Elvis stuff." He adds, "I'm still a huge Elvis fan -- but there was just a period where I was just a fanatic."

As for Christmas music outside of the Elvis Presley catalog, Scotty prefers traditional songs. He says, "I like a lot of the classics. 'O Holy Night' -- that was actually my first Christmas solo that I had in my children's choir." Look for Scotty to perform "A Holly Jolly Christmas" on the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade Sunday on ABC.

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