Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scotty McCreery finds 'Saturday Night Live' spoof 'cool'

You officially know that you are a big deal when " Saturday Night Live " decides to poke fun at you a little bit, and that is exactly what we saw on this weekend's edition of the show courtesy of Scotty McCreery.

Although the " American Idol " champ had yet to actually see the video (which was really just an impersonation of him during a series of "duets" with musical guest Michael Buble), he still posted the following message on his Twitter account:

"Apparently they had something about me on snl tonight, hahah. That's pretty cool."

Of course, little did Scotty know that in saying "pretty cool," he was referencing Vanessa Bayer's pretty phenomenal "SNL" impersonation of Miley Cyrus.

If you haven't seen the sketch yet, you can do so to the left -- just be prepared to laugh.

Scotty McCreery duet with Michael Buble in SNL Skit

Since he's being impersonated on SNL - Does this mean that Scotty has officially arrived?? LOL

Edit: This is the new video that Lauren posted about in the comments that the audio is better - thank you Lauren it was very easy to find.
Credit to: LaurenPetro4294