Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scotty McCreery Sings the National Anthem 12/11/11 Panthers Game

Scotty McCreery 12/11/11 Sings the National Anthem at the Panthers game. Scotty also tweeted this today, and it seems he really enjoyed himself. Hopefully we'll get video that is a bit closer, but this is great audio!! In my mind the crowd's reaction is because they're in awe of Scotty's magnificent voice!! Not because it's our National Anthem, Not because it's a moment to honor our country (Although this is a Just and Great reason for applause) but in this moment I choose to think it's because they're beholding MR. AMERICAN IDOL SCOTTY MCCREERY MMHMMM That's my story, and I'm sticking to it <3  And he does a job worthy of the reaction!! WTG Scotty, Great job today!

Scotty's first tweet here is well you can draw your own conclusions, I say imma sucker, for a sucker for the moon and stars!

Scotty McCreery

beautiful moon on the way home from the queen city! imma sucker for the moon and stars..
Scotty McCreery

first NFL game today was pretty fun! got to spend it w/ some good friends n family!
Scotty McCreery

heading home from Charlotte after the game! listening to now on 96.9 the Kat!

Posted by: Hailey

Scotty McCreery - Garner News - Chamber celebrates 2010 – 2011 successes

“Scotty-mania” puts Garner in regional, state and national limelight: Scotty McCreery’s journey to being named the 2011 “American Idol” put Garner in the national limelight and on primetime national television for months. The Chamber facilitated meetings with a former “Idol” hometown visit coordinator. Through those efforts, the Town executed an event that “American Idol” named the best organized, best supported, best attended hometown visit in “Idol” history. “American Idol’s” coverage of that visit earned an Emmy Award nomination.

I've only posted the portion about Scotty, click on the link below to read the complete article.