Friday, December 9, 2011

Scotty McCreery AI Statistics and Numbers Blog

Friday, December 9, 2011

Do I Trust The Sales Predictions This Time?

Okay, last week on Monday HitsDailyDouble had their early 38% sales numbers and Scotty McCreery's "Clear As Day" was strongly outselling Lady Antebellum's "Own The Night" by 10%. Then their Tuesday FINAL numbers put them just about neck and neck (a 2% difference) and when the SoundScan numbers came out on Wednesday "Own The Night" sold about 15% more than "Clear As Day". Now this week the "Rumor Mill" numbers list "Clear As Day" as 50-55K and "Own The Night" is not even listed at 45-50K. LadyA is currently on tour but their shows this weekend are at Sioux City, Iowa, Springfield, Missouri and Murray, Kentucky, nice venues but not huge album sales producing cities. They won an ACA Award but did not perform on the show whereas Scotty won and performed and was shown prominently on some Idol commercials. So is it safe to assume that Scotty will be #1 Country again this week? I am not underestimating Lady Antebellum this time!

Nevertheless, Scotty's 50-55K number looks very strong and should put him quite close to 700K in total sales. The question now becomes how much inventory is being shipped to retail to cover the remaining weeks of the holiday shopping season to push "Clear As Day" to Platinum certification. Those Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target stores want to make sure those CD's are sitting on those shelves for people to buy as last minute gifts. Scotty's total sales of 680K+ should now push him past Bo Bice (673K) to have the 15th highest selling debut album for an American Idol alumnus. He should push past Taylor Hicks (705K) and Josh Gracin (703K) next week and then sit at #13 behind David Archuleta (765K) and Adam Lambert (829K). Now he is moving in amongst the heavy hitter Idols who have sold close to or over a million in album sales.

Scotty McCreery Stars Thank Fans at the ACA

Scotty's only on here for a few seconds and he starts at 2:33 mark.

Insider Interview

Scotty's Insider Interview! I think this is from awhile back but i don't think it was ever posted!

Scotty McCreery to sign autographs



Scotty to Sign Autographs at Hometown Best Buy

Scotty to Sign Autographs at Hometown Best Buy
Join Scotty & WQDR at 7PM on Thursday, December 15th at the Garner, NC Best Buy.

120 Shenstone Lane
Garner, NC 27529

Scotty will be signing newly purchased copies of his debut album, CLEAR AS DAY. CD wristbands will be passed out beginning at 10am on the 15th & only those with wristbands are eligible to meet Scotty.

Scotty McCreery Billboard #1 Top New Country Artist

Credit goes to Kristen from MJS

The Billboard Year is finished, and their year-end charts are up. Here is a link to their news Billboard) and here is a link to their year-end charts (Billboard) round up.

I've only posted the portions pertaining to Scotty you can click on the Billboard links above to see the full list & articles.

2011 – BB200
57 Scotty McCreery – Clear as Day
174 Scotty McCreery – American Idol Season 10 Highlights (EP)

Top 100 Albuum Arists – 2011
35 Scotty McCreery
Overall – Top Artist (100)
81. Scotty McCreery
Overall – Top New Artist (10)
8. Scotty McCreery
Top Current Album
55. Clear As Day – Scotty McCreery
Top Current Artist
32. Scotty McCreery

Here's the Country list:

Top Country Artists (50)
15. Scotty McCreery
Top New Country Artists (5)
1. Scotty McCreery

Top Country Album Artists
9. Scotty McCreery

Top Country Albums
12. Clear as Day – Scotty McCreery
39. American Idol Season 10 Highlights – Scotty McCreery
Top Country Digital Songs
28. Love You This Big – Scotty McCreery
Top Country Song
63. Love You This Big – Scotty McCreery