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“Idol” Advice: McCreery Listens To Underwood’s Wisdom

American Idol’s latest country winner is taking life lessons from its first country winner. Naturally, we’re talking about Scotty McCreery and Carrie Underwood.

Underwood, as we all know, has become arguably the most successful of all the Idol winners. (Kelly Clarkson fans might say different, but that’s why we say “arguably”.) Her list of awards is too long to list here, but her most recent honors came this week at the American Country Awards at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. The fan-voted show honored Underwood with three awards (which come in the form of a customized Fender Telecaster guitar): Female Artist of the Year; Female Single of the Year and Female Video for “Mama’s Song”.

The event was McCreery’s first award show and he didn’t go home empty-handed. Fans voted him New Artist of the Year, choosing him over Thompson Square, The Band Perry, Jerrod Niemann and The Pistol Annies.

In the press room after getting his award, he seemed humbled by the win. “It’s incredible,” said McCreery. “It’s one of those things you dream of when you’re little. I just wanted to attend. I used to watch the shows thinking ‘I’d just like to be there one time’. And to actually win something and the first one to be a Telecaster. It don’t get much better than that.”

As for the a fate of his first award, it’s definitely not going up on the wall. McCreery says he plans to literally play with his prize, but it might take a while. “I’m not hanging it up. I mean, how can you hang up a Telecaster? Hopefully my guitar player can teach me how to shred while we’re on the road. But it will take a few years probably.”

Now that he’s finding success beyond his win on Idol, he’s relying on the people around him to keep him grounded. The 18-year-old high school senior says it helps that his family and friends don’t treat him any differently. ”I think if it was just me doin’ this it would be easy for me to start thinking ‘Oh, my goodness!’ and my head start swelling, but to get home and see my friends treat me the same. And Mama, Lord knows, if my head got anywhere bigger than this (holding his hands up to the sides of his head) she’d slap it out of me quick.”

It also helps to talk with someone has already been through what he’s currently experiencing. Thats’ where Carrie comes in. McCreery says they have talked a few times and has gotten a lot out of it: “When I have talked to her she’s always had great things to say and great advice. She’s been through the exact same thing as I have, going through Idol and moving on to country music. She kinda paved the way for me and some other country acts on the show, so it’s cool to hear her advice.

“She told me to stay the same and kinda the same thing that a lot of people say. But coming from somebody that’s been through it, it kinda means a lot more. Because they’re telling me it’s easy to change getting caught up in the business and getting caught up in the big Hollywood aspects and Nashville aspects. You know ‘I’m on TV’ and “Oh, that’s me!’. But she says if you stay the same and stay humble, then you never know what you can do.”

McCreery can also get in touch with Underwood if he wants, but don’t plan on him blowing up her phone with text messages any time soon. Just because he has her number, doesn’t mean he’s going to use it. It sounds like he’s not the only one. ”She gives all the winners her number and she says nobody ever texts her. I guess I’m in the same boat,” said McCreery. Then he added respectfully, “I don’t want to bother her. She’s a busy girl.”

McCreery will be busy himself in the coming year. He’s planning on going to college, but first he and his family have to find a way to balance school and his career.

Plus, he’ll be going out on the road with The Band Perry in support of Brad Paisley’s “H2O II: Wetter and Wilder World Tour”. Until then he says he’s going to take some time off to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

Scotty McCreery picks up first country music award at ACAs, acknowledges faith

There are many articles out there about Scotty winning New Artist of the Year at the ACAs that somewhat say the same thing. But this one below is one I thought had a lot of good insight on Scotty's win. I think the win says a lot not only about Scotty but about how the fans have received him and how they now appreciate him. As this article points out, it was a great achievement for Scotty along with all of us fans. I definitely don't think it will be too long before the industry starts to take notice of Scotty and awards him with other trophies to accompany the 'dad-gum telecaster'. :)

By Jaelyn Jamik

Reigning American Idol, Scotty McCreery has had a non-stop year of performances, greeting fans and promoting his new album Clear As Day. On December 5, 2011 at the American Country Awards , all Scotty McCreery's hard work finally culminated in one exciting moment, his first-ever country music award for New Artist of the Year.

Except for honorary awards chosen by the producers, The American Country Awards are completely fan-voted. So, for the American Country Award to be Scotty McCreery's first honor is a high compliment indeed. Scotty McCreery edged out a victory over popular artists, The Band Perry and Thompson Square as well as more recent newcomers Jerrod Niemann and Pistol Annies.

Upon the announcement of Scotty McCreery's win for New Artist of the Year, the show segued into Scotty singing his latest release The Trouble With Girls. At the completion of the song, he was presented with the ACA standard, a custom Fender Telecaster guitar, rather than a trophy.

Scotty McCreery gladly accepted the guitar and said, "This is my first award and it's a dad-gum Telecaster! I gotta thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He's the one that got me here." Scotty went on to thank American Idol and his record label associates before addressing the fans with, "I owe it all to you." At the end of his speech, in a sweet gesture, Scotty McCreery gave a shout out to his mom for her birthday.

The American Country Awards were definitely a great night for Scotty McCreery (not to mention a nice birthday present for his mom). It's hard to believe that American Idol will soon usher in its 11th season and crown a new Idol, but it seems that Scotty McCreery has made good use of his time in the Idol spotlight. If fans have anything to say about it, The American Country Awards win is just the beginning for this rising star.

Scotty McCreery CAD passes 600,000 albums sales

Scotty McCreery passes 600,000 album sales
by: Brian Mansfield
This week, seven Idols have albums in The Billboard 200, five of them in the top half. Scotty McCreery leads them all with 42,000 weekly sales of Clear as Day. That takes his total sales for the album past 600,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Scotty McCreery, Clear as Day (42,000 weekly, -52%, 630,000 total) (#11 Billboard 200)

Scotty McCreery - The Most Popular Man In NC - Pubilc Poll

The most popular man in North Carolina...

Last week PPP took to Twitter asking people who they think the most popular living person in North Carolina is. We got 14 good suggestions of folks to test and the winner is...Billy Graham. Here's how they stacked up in terms of net favorability:

Scotty McCreery

36/8 (+28)


Scotty McCreery is known to 73% of voters in the Triangle, but only 44% in the state overall. His 64/8 there ranks him only behind Dean Smith in the region.

I've only posted the information pertaining to Scotty. You can see the full article and poll by clicking the link below.

Scotty McCreery DPAC videos

Credit goes to: sirrichardallen11 for all the videos

Christmas Cookies

Dirty Dishes

Write Your Number On My Hand

That Old King James

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

Taste of Country Poll Ratings

Just over at Taste of Country's website and.........Scotty is winning in the new artist Poll by a Long SHOT!

Brantley Gilbert 17.52%

Lauren Alaina 15.16%

Pistol Annies 8.49%

Scotty McCreery 48.55%

Thompson Square 10.28%

Scotty McCreery I Am Second Portrait

A tribute to American Idol winner Scotty McCreery, Vincent gave the McCreery family this painting as a gift in support of a hometown artist. Vincent and Scotty were both born and raised in Garner, NC.
"The painting is just beautiful." Judy McCreery

Scotty McCreery CAD One of the best new albums to give during the season

The Virginian-Pilot
© December 6, 2011

Gift Guide: The best new albums to give during the season

Maybe no one listens to entire albums anymore, but if that's the case, it's a shame. Over the past 12 months, music lovers have been given albums that sound cohesive, fun and sometimes brilliant. Here, our staff presents our 10 favorites of 2011 - from Adele to Rahsaan Patterson.

Scotty Mccreery 'Clear as Day'

On his debut, the "American Idol" winner from North Carolina sings in a slightly higher key than he did on the TV talent competition. Yet the voice still booms, particularly on the hits "I Love You This Big" and "The Trouble With Girls."

Favorite track "Write My Number on Your Hand," which tells the story of a guy who writes his phone number on a girl's hand as she leaves town after their brief time together.

I've only posted the part that spoke about Clear As Day but you can click the link below to read the full acrticle.