Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Fans Of Scotty Announcement

Last year when I began this fan site, I had no idea how it would turn out. I never did anything like this before, and was so excited. As time passed life got in the way and I reached out to the fans for help, in stepped Donna.

Since that time Donna has become a integral part of this site.(along with Tarah and Gloria) Donna devotes many hours to updating, talking with fans on her twitter, and reaching out to those in need. That is why I am honored and thrilled to be passing this site over to her as the new owner of Fans Of Scotty.

When I asked Donna if she'd like to take over, she didn't hesitate, and even though she too is very busy, has offered to take over. At this time, with kids, and family life I feel it's time to pass the torch. I will still be here as a blogger, and available, but Donna is now the full owner of Fans Of Scotty :)

I want to thank the many many fans who visit here everyday, this was an amazing experience for me and from the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your kind thoughts, and words you've left  in the comments section. I know Donna will be amazing!

Congratulations Donna, and thank you for all you do for Scotty and the Fans

Much love
Hailey <3

Just an FYI, I offered it to Donna, and she accepted. There was no profit or loss  from this exchange :)


Thank You Hailey for trusting me enough to ask me to take over your fan site. I have never done anything like this before either, so it's been a learning experience for me along the way and I still have a lot to learn.

After I started posting on the site, it didn't take me long to realize that Hailey & I felt the same way about what should be posted and what shouldn't be posted on here. I have every intention of continuing to run Fans Of Scotty the way Hailey intended it to be. It will continue to be a positive site for all Scotty fans to enjoy. I just hope I can do as good a job as Hailey has done with this site!

Thanks again Hailey!
Much Love & Appreciation

Garner Trojans

Just want to say we love you Scotty and The Trojans have much to be proud of this year.  The Blue Crew supported and cheered on the Trojans, and us here at Fans Of Scotty are very proud of all the young men who played their hearts out. <3

Championship MVP James Summers (18) of Greensboro Page breaks up a fourth-quarter pass to Garner's Damian Ellis (81) in the NCHSAA 4AA football championship at BB&T Field in Winston-Salem, N.C. Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011.
As much as it hurt, Garner High’s players, coaches and fans didn’t leave this football season empty-handed.
After 15 straight wins and plenty of ups and downs, the Trojans couldn’t overcome powerful Greensboro Page on Saturday in the N.C. High School Athletic Association’s 4AA title game.
Led by future N.C. State player James Summers at quarterback, Page (15-0) took a 21-0 lead and held on for a 35-21 win at Wake Forest University’s BB&T Field.

Read more:

Scotty McCreery Disney

Holly Jolly Christmas - I found this over at Idol Forums, It's a very clear video, and the audio is amazing.. The cheers are loud, you may want to adjust your volume :)

Scotty McCreery Tapes Disney Parks Christmas Day Segment

Scotty McCreery Tapes Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade Segment

By: Amy Sciarretto | 1 minute ago

Scotty McCreery just taped his segment for Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade, which will air on ABC. Make yourself a note to tune in and watch.

According to MJSbigblog, a Disney Parks tour guide spilled the beans, revealing that he watched McCreery (and fellow ‘American Idol’ alum Jennifer Hudson) as they taped their segments.

Want to know what to expect? Well, McCreery sang ‘Holly Jolly Christmas,’ which is quite the upbeat, festive carol, and a marked departure from his performance of spiritual holiday song ‘The First Noel’ on the CMA Country Christmas special which aired last week.

It was not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am taping at Disney for McCreery, either. It took the Season 10 ‘American Idol’ winner four takes to get the song down. Practice makes perfect, right? At least the people in the crowd that were taking it in got to enjoy McCreery sing four times.

The Disney parks guide, under his DisneyMagicMan Twitter handle, first tweeted: “Cee lo Green, Scotty Mcreery, and The Muppets will be here!! I’m excited more then anything to see the Muppets, forget all else.”

He later followed up that tweet with this post: “We’re now on the 3rd time watching Scotty Mccreery sing Holly Jolly Christmas. Not really for me lol.” He then posted a photo of the singer as he was finishing his final take, writing: “Scotty Mccreery up on stage. 4th time was the last time…”

We’re stoked to check out what McCreery does with ‘Holly Jolly Christmas.’ Tune in to ABC on Christmas Day to have a listen.

Scotty McCreery Pictures from the State Game

Look Scotty is on Channel 14!

@ronfowler3500 tweeted this picture

Ashley just tweeted this picture from the game.

Scotty McCreery & The Blue Crew in Winston Salem

@Chris_Edwards the announcer for the Garner games tweeted this picture from Winston-Salem

Scotty McCreery Giving some cheer to Jenna's Warriors

As you all know Hailey & I both have posted things about Jenna in the last couple of weeks. My heart was just broken in two when I read her story. As a mother and grandmother I cannot even imagine going through what this mother & family go through on a daily basis. I have had some experience with serious health issues with my own son when he was a newborn through about the age of 2. I understand the waiting on the test results, the sleepless nights spent in a hospital room praying that your child would be alright. Mind you though, my experience was nothing as major as what Jenna's family is going through. After I read her story, I kept wishing there was something more I could do for this family, besides praying daily for them. Then I thought back to the days I spent at the hospital with my own child and remembered the cards/letters that I received from family & friends. They brightened my days more than you could ever imagine.

I said all that to say this (hahaha) - I am posting an address for people to send cards or letters to Jenna. I would love to see this little girl receive so much mail from all over the world that it'd take 2 mail persons to deliver her mail! OK maybe that's a little bit over the top, but I think you understand what I mean. If you feel this is something you want to do then I encourage you to take the time to mail this family a card or letter. I know they will appreciate it. Thank you for allowing me to post this off topic post here!

Mail Cards to:
c/o Jennifer Watkins
P.O.Box 1143
Garner, NC 27529

Scotty McCreery - The Bus Trip to Winston-Salem

Scotty's boys decided to tweet some pictures of him "resting" on the trip to Winston-Salem today! I'm sure he is tired after just flying in last night from Florida!
Credit to: @keith_boyette4 & @Jay_Boof

Scotty McCreery Check out his new merchandise

Scotty McCreery
ScottyMcCreery Scotty McCreery
y'all can go check out my new merchandise now at! order now for Christmas deliveries!

Scotty McCreery Remains at the top of Country Billboard charts

Scotty McCreery, Lady Antebellum Top Billboard Country Charts

Scotty McCreery's Clear as Day remains firmly in the top berth of Billboard's country chart, a position it has occupied for most of its eight-week run. In doing so, the American Idol winner deflects Taylor Swift, whose Speak Now: World Tour Live CD and DVD set debuts at No. 2.

I've only posted the parts about Scotty, click on the link below to read the full article.

Scoty McCreery Garners big year could get better


GARNER -- A few hundred people will pile onto charter buses today in Garner, bound for halfway across the state to cheer on the Garner High School Trojans in the state championship football game. Scotty McCreery will be among them. Sure, he could have packed a few friends into the pickup truck he won last spring when he was named "American Idol." But McCreery, an 18-year-old senior at Garner High, said that just wouldn't be as much fun."I want this to be as much about the community, as much about friends," he said.

McCreery's fame didn't hamper his high school enthusiasm. He even named his new production company Blue Crew Productions.

This is a very long article but a very good article - there are more things said about Scotty in the article so click on the link below to read the complete article!

Scotty McCreery Pictures from Disney Taping

These pictures were posted on Moms4Mcreery Facebook page. Thank you Missy for allowing me to post them here.

Scotty McCreery Singing Holly Jolly Christmas @ Disney Taping

The crowd is screaming so loud for Scotty - they loved him!
Credit to: Milkdidmybodygood

Scotty McCreery Makes TOC Must Have List – December 2011

#10 2011 Taste of Country Awards
The 2011 Taste of Country Awards are giving fans a chance to decide the winners of the most prestigious and serious categories, plus a few we threw in just for fun. Taylor Swift is a frequent nominee, as are Brad Paisley and Scotty McCreery. Fans can vote for all 10 awards through Jan. 1, 2012.

#5 CMA Country Christmas
It was a star-studded lineup for this Jennifer Nettles hosted television special. Scotty McCreery, Keith Urban, Vince Gill and Rascal Flatts are just a few of the faces fans will recognize when it airs again on Dec. 17. Alaina's version of 'My Grown Up Christmas List' had previously leaked on YouTube, but with the first airing of the program on Dec. 1, fans also got material from artists who've been singing about the holidays for years

I've only posted the 2 portions that listed Scotty's name to read the whole article you can click on the link below.