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Scotty McCreery is back at #1! After seven consecutive on the Billboard Country Albums Charts, Scotty passed Miranda Lambert’s new album and is number one once again. Of the seven weeks since he released Clear As Day, Scotty has been at #1 four times and #2 three times. Scotty showed his holiday spirit this week by visiting a children's hospital. The 18-year-old country crooner tweeted his excitement with his fans, sharing that he couldn't wait to meet some “great kids.”

Scotty McCreery An article from

Posted on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011

'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery's CD goes gold

Yet another thing Scotty McCreery had to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day: The Garner High School senior's first CD has gone gold.

"Clear as Day," the debut of the Season 10 "American Idol" winner, has sold more than 500,000 copies since its Oct. 4 release.

"We just found out (last week). It's a huge thing," Scotty said Thursday afternoon.

Scotty McCreery 2011 Taste of Country Awards: Cover Performance of the Year

The 2011 Taste of Country Awards look to honor serious country accomplishments, but also the more spontaneous and impulsive flashes of creativity that artists have shown over the past year. All week long, the categories for these fan-voted upon honors are being unveiled one at a time, including the Cover Performance of the Year category, which includes country recreations by Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum, Scotty McCreery, Steel Magnolia and Taylor Swift. Watch all five and then decide which cover is the best.

Scotty McCreery, ‘Your Man’: McCreery almost made this song as famous as Josh Turner did when he used it to audition for season 10 of ‘American Idol.’ In May, Turner surprised the then 17-year-old onstage for a memorable duet of the hit. McCreery has since gone on to perform it just about everywhere he goes. [Watch Scotty McCreery Cover 'Your Man']

From RoughStock Scotty McCreery rules the world

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Chart news for November 30, 2011: Scotty McCreery Holds Off Taylor Swift to Stay #1

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: November 30, 2011 1:11 PM
With Black Friday sales of his album Clear As Day at retailers across the country, Idol 2011 winner Scotty McCreery held off a fierce challenge from Taylor Swift, ending her streak of #1 album debuts at 2 as her live CD/DVD (or Blu-Ray) set wasn’t able to outsell Scotty last week. Scotty took home 88,000 more sales while Taylor’s life set scored a 77,000 album-sold debut (not too shabby for a live record but certainly nowhere near Garth Brooks Platinum debut with Double Live). The Band Perry’s album sold briskly during the holiday gift-giving starting week as well. Rounding out the Top 5 are Lady Antebellum’s Own The Night and Toby Keith’s Clancy’s Tavern. The song “Red Solo Cup,” from Clancy’s Tavern will be performed by Chord Overstreet on the December 6, 2011 Glee television program (Overstreet is the son of Grammy and CMA Award winning songwriter Paul Overstreet). So it’s likely that Toby’s gonna see some sales from that performance during the show too. It’s a viral hit that made it to the ‘big time’.

Top 5 Country Albums for the week of November 30, 2011

LWTWArtistAlbumSales TWSales Total
139Scotty McCreeryClear As Day88,000587,000
NEW11Taylor SwiftSpeak Now: World Tour77,00077,000
3517The Band PerryThe Band Perry53,000913,000
1622Lady AnthebellumOwn The Night46,000860,000
3033Toby KeithClancy's Tavern33,000176,000

Scotty McCreery interview video with CMA Country Christmas

"Singing Christmas Carols is Cool to me" Well said Scotty, it's cool to me too!


Scotty McCreery MySpace Stream

I'm not sure if your aware you can stream Scotty's song's on his MySpace page, but if you weren't you are now :)  Also this has all the American Idol performance songs and they can be streamed too. Streaming actually benefits the artist, so this is actually another way to listen to and help Scotty at the same time! <-- Click here

Scotty McCreery is number one!

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Scotty McCreery Album sales double

From IdolChatter

2 Idol albums in top 10 of The Billboard 200. Daughtry's third album,Break the Spell, debuted at No. 8 with 129,000 sales, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Meanwhile, Scotty McCreery more 

than doubled his weekly sales forClear as Day, selling 88,000 copies and climbing up to No. 9.

Idol albums
McCreery, Clear as Day (88,000, +165%, 587,000) (#9 BB200)

Scotty McCreery Grandparent Interview

This is so sweet and just adorable! Enjoy!
I'm pretty sure this was during Idol, but it's just surfaced, or at least I didn't see it before.. Thanks for the heads up about it in the comment section!

Scotty McCreery A place where football is king

A place where football is king

BY TIM STEVENS - Staff Writer
BY TIM STEVENS The News and Observer
Tags: football | high school | sports

GARNER -- Three hours before the kickoff, the Blue Crew began driving into the gravel parking lot near Garner High's Trojan Stadium. These were not the professional grade tailgaters you see at college football games. For starters, they had no way to cook food.
"Anybody bringing a grill," asked Jay Booth, the unofficial spokesman for the student group that turns out for Garner football games. There were no takers last Friday night.
"We might send out for some chicken or something," Booth said. "Last year we had a cooker, but we don't this year."
But food usually shows up. Chick-Fil-A sent sandwiches once and a local church supplied Krispy Kreme doughnuts on another night. Bojangles chicken has appeared without warning.
But none of the 75 or 80 students who come to the parking lot before each Garner football game comes for the chance to eat food off a paper plate. They don't come for the bonfire, which is really much more like a campfire.
"This is a big part of life, something I look forward to," said junior Will Bryan. "We celebrate Garner football. You can't beat hanging out with a bunch of your friends and then going to the Garner game." New truck, old friends
There were lots of unknowns last week. Crew members hadn't been in school on Thursday or Friday because of the holiday, so even Booth was unsure who would be at the game.
"You coming?" he asked "American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery on his phone. McCreery told him he was on the way. The singer has brought the Blue Crew, which appeared as spectators on "Idol," fame with shout-outs on national TV.
McCreery arrived in the pickup that he won on the TV show, flying a huge homemade Garner Trojan flag. This was a six-foot long flag mounted on a long pole what was attached to the truck bed. It was carried into the stadium and waved throughout the 34-27 victory over Britt. McCreery's pickup is new, but the friendships are old and lasting. They've been meeting like this since they were sophomores. Every year since, some have graduated and new members have been welcomed.
"Yeah, we still got some young guys that have to get rides," Booth said, pointing to this year's sophomores. Luke Thompson, a junior, promised the tradition would continue next year.
The group is not about eating, or bonfires, or even "Idol" worship. Why is it such a big deal?
"It's Garner football," Booth said. "It's tradition." Football is king
At one time the holiday tradition in the community was hanging Christmas lights on the old water tower near the railroad tracks downtown.
The tower was taken down long ago, but these young people inherited the tradition of supporting the high school team and enhanced it in their own way.
High school football means a lot in this water tower town. In 1987, the community sent an estimated 7,000 people, about half of the population back then, to the state championship game in Charlotte. Folks around town can still recite the heroes of that championship season - Anthony Barbour, Pete Smith, John Dykes, Stacy Betts and a host more.

The tradition runs deep. The Blue Crew says the sentiments of McCreery's "Water Tower Town," which is on a CD that has sold a few hundred thousand copies, reflects the values of their group and of their community. As the song goes, they wave to most folks. They've chased fireflies. And on Friday night, at least for them, high school football is king.

"Friday night football is king, Sweet tea goes good with anything Peace and quiet make such a beautiful sound Nobody eats till you say Amen and everybody knows your mama and them You can see who loves who from miles around in a water tower town."

Garner has sent teams to the state playoffs for 26 consecutive years and will play in its third state championship game in the past 24 years on Saturday at 3 p.m. at BB&T Field at Wake Forest. The Blue Crew plans to be there.
The group has added a new twist during the playoffs. The team gathers in front of the student section before the game and chants with their classmates, "I believe that we will win."
The team returns after the game and they all chant, "I believe that we just won."
Nobody knows what the Crew and company would chant if the team lost. That hasn't happened this year.