Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scotty McCreery Guitar Pull

This is a clip of all the artist that performed that night. Scotty starts at the 2:30 mark

Scotty McCreery Headline Country

I don't remember this being posted on here before but if it was I'm sorry for the repost. Nothing new but just a good Scotty interview. :)

Hits Daily Double Sales Predictions

Hits Daily Double album sales predictions are in and Scotty sold near 90K! He is the #1 Country album for this week with a giant increase going from #15 to #9. Congratulations Scotty!


Billboard.com's Readers' Poll: 2011's Best & Worst

By Billboard.com

December is upon us and that means another year in music is coming to a close. The past 12 months have certainly had their share of notable moments, both awesome and awful. With the 2011 nearly in the books, it's your turn to decide the most memorable songs, albums, performances and videos in our Billboard.com Year In Music Awards.

What song that topped the Hot 100 was your favorite? Which up-and-coming artist had the biggest breakthrough? Who was the most overrated musician of 2011? While we've offered a few suggestions of our own, but feel free to write in a candidate. Cast your vote until the poll closes at midnight on December 8. We'll announce all of the winners the week of December 12, 2011 on Billboard.com.

Scotty is nominated in two categories:

Best Newcomer:
Foster The People
Mac Miller
Nicki Minaj
Scotty McCreery
Wiz Khalifa

Favorite No. 1 Billboard 200 Album
He's up against many including Lady Antebellum, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Adele to name a few.

Head over to Billboard.com to cast your vote.