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Scotty McCreery, holiday spirit parade through Raleigh

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RALEIGH -- Weldon Gammon was determined to win over the throngs lining the 67th annual Raleigh Christmas parade. He knew it was an uphill struggle, seeing as he was competing with parade grand marshal Scotty McCrery, Garner hometown hero and American Idol juggernaut.

The most welcome of the new sights was Scotty, smiling brightly from the grand marshal float as his generation of fans shrieked and snapped pictures.

Addison Allen, aged 1 1/2, arrived with her mom, Ashley Allen; grandmother Nancy Alger, and great grandmother Barbara Thornton

As Scotty’s approach was heralded as the cheers and shrieks rolling down the street, Ashley picked up her daughter, who greeted her with a big wet sneeze. But that was quickly forgotten as Scotty visibly brightened when Alger waved the family sign: “Addison Loves Scotty!”

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Scotty McCreery Garner vs Leesville

Garner won 42 - 21
Approximately 5,500 were in the Trojan stadium to watch the game. Garner Trojan's will host Fayetteville next Friday in the regional championships.

I've posted a few pictures of Scotty with the Blue Crew at last nights football game
Click on the link if you want to view all the pictures from the football game.

Scotty McCreery More pictures from Raleigh Parade

Credit goes to: Raleigh Connections

From the looks of these tweets Scotty was getting a lot of love and attention at the parade today!

Chris Walker
At Raleigh Xmas Parade. Eardrums burst by screams of hundreds of teenage girls spotting Scotty McCreery or whatever his name is.

bgracely Brian Gracely
Just watched about 1000 screaming girls chase Scotty McCreery thru a parking garage at Raleigh Christmas Parade. Like those Beatles movies.

Scotty McCreery Guitar Pull 2011 James Brown Center

Scotty McCreery fans, Guitar Pull 2011 - James Brown Center
Credit goes to ACEInsider

Kicks 99 13th Annual Guitar Pool Line Up Live Augusta GA 20
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Scotty received the loudest screams when he was announced

Kelsey at Guitar Pull 2011 -- James Brown Arena
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Scotty McCreery K102 Class of '11 videos

Credit for all videos goes to: paigeomg
Water Tower Town & I Love You This Big

The Trouble With Girls & Walk In The Country

Write My Number On Your Hand & Dirty Dishes

Scotty McCreery at the 2011 Raleigh Christmas Parade ::

Scotty McCreery K102 Class of 2011 Interview

Loved hearing the girls screaming for him
weirdest gift he got was a doll that sang baby lock them doors

Credit goes to: k102mn

Scotty McCreery Pictures from Raleigh Parade

The first picture posted is one Ashley McCreery posted on twitter - all other pictures were tweeted by different people on twitter - just wanted to be sure to give them credit.
@sara_weaver, @jmmurray_4, @chelleanderson, @kaliiiwhiteee

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Scotty McCreery Live Stream to Raleigh Christmas Parade

Scotty McCreery and Operation Christmas Child (

Country artist uses his gifts to give back
Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 11/19/2011 3:30:00 AM

This year, Operation Christmas Child is receiving help from emerging country music singer, Scotty McCreery, who is also an American Idol winner.McCreery helped with the Christmas project in his home town of Garner, North Carolina, where he was interviewed by Operation Christmas Child at First Baptist Church.

“It's something you know, God puts people in positions to where they can give back and He gifts you with certain things and He wants you to give those gifts back to people that need it, and I think this is a great way to do that with Samaritan's Purse,” says McCreery. “The whole church is joining in so we're having a fun time out here.”

McCreery was asked what he was packing in his shoe box.

“Today I have like a little toy baseball in there because I'm a huge baseball fan. They've got a lot of baseball players in the Dominican Republic, too,” explained the artist. “I have a Slinky. I have a jump rope. I gave them some candy, so I also gave him a tooth brush and some tooth paste so they can knock all that sugar off their teeth. Just some stuff I thought they would enjoy.”

The boxes are being dropped off at various points throughout the country and will be readied for shipment overseas.

Over the years, Operation Christmas Child has collected 86 million shoe box gifts and hand-delivered them to impoverished children in more than 130 countries. This year the goal is 8.5 million.

'Idol' winner Scotty McCreery depicted in Garner High School mural - Local/State -

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GARNER -- Scotty McCreery swung his microphone like a baseball bat at the end of a song on "American Idol" as a signal for the band to stop playing.

Now, that move is captured on a new sports mural at Garner High School that honors Scotty and other famous figures in the school's history.

Scotty, who won "Idol" and is now a senior at the school, was on hand Friday as Garner High unveiled the mural at the entrance to its sports complex.

The teen is pictured next to former Garner High basketball star Donald Williams, who was named the most valuable player during UNC's run to the 1993 national championship, and Hal Stewart, who coached the Trojans to the 1987 state football title.

"It's incredible," Scotty said. "Those guys are legends, so it's cool to be up there with them."

Garner High's athletics booster club decided to put the mural on a billboard that formerly advertised local businesses. The town has a rich sports tradition, said Bret Kieft, a 1988 graduate and vice president of the Trojan Club.

Kieft said there was no doubt Scotty would be on the mural.

The 18-year-old often talked about the school's student boosters, the "Blue Crew," and about his second love - baseball - during his time on "Idol."

He even sang the national anthem to kick off the baseball World Series last month.

"He's an international icon now," Kieft said.

"We gotta represent him. And he's an athlete."

A local honor

Vincent Wood, a 1991 Garner High graduate and an artist who has painted murals across the nation, said he spent 80 hours on the piece.

He couldn't find a picture of Scotty in the correct angle, so Wood said he drew the country-music star freehand.

Growing up in Garner, Wood played baseball and basketball with some of the athletes who went on to fame, including Williams.

The mural includes the school's five state-championship banners - one each in football, baseball and women's basketball and two in cheerleading.

Jerseys of former standout athletes also are featured.

"People will never understand how much meaning this has for me," Wood said of painting the mural.

Williams, who moved back to Garner two years ago, attended Friday's event. Even though he went on to play in college and overseas, Williams said his high school always meant a lot to him.

"Everywhere I played, I always tried to represent Garner," Williams said.

And now, thanks to Scotty, Wood said people everywhere know about their hometown.

For Scotty, it's yet another tribute. Signs at the town's entrances already honor the singing star.