Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scotty McCreery live feed video Class of '11 Concert

Scotty McCreery

Scotty's dad Mike just tweeted this picture
If you do not have a twitter account you are missing all the great things people are tweeting about Scotty! They love him! I certainly hope the mall had enough security to handle this crowd!

Scotty McCreery Live Stream K102 - Minnesota's Country Station

K102 tweeted this picture of Scotty they said he was cheerfully signing his album for fans at the mall.

K102 will be live streaming the performance tonight 7:00 pm Eastern 6:00 pm Central.
click on the link below to listen in.

Scotty McCreery Mall of America CD Signing

People camped out waiting for Scotty!

This picture of Scotty on the big screen at the Mall of America CD signing was tweeted by: PaulJFBowman.

The line started forming at 4:00 am and this picture was taken at 6:00 am.
This picture was posted on Moms4McCreery Facebook page by Elanor Raynovich

Scotty McCreery "Grand Marshal"

I'm not sure if this video was posted before, I don't remember seeing it, so I am posting it. If it was here already I apologize.  lol  :) 


Scotty McCreery This Weeks Countdown Show placements

First I would like to thank MJ's big blog for compiling this list. This is from Mj's  :)

I'm really happy for Scotty!! he's doing great on the countdown shows, so make sure you keep voting for him. 

CMT Top 20 11.11.2011:
#15 “The Trouble With Girls” Scotty McCreery

CMT Pure 12-Pack 11.11.2011:
#01 “The Trouble With Girls” Scotty McCreery
#02 “I Love You This Big” Scotty McCreery

#02 “The Trouble With Girls” Scotty McCreery
GAC Top 20 Country 11.11.2011:
#04 “I Love You This Big” Scotty McCreery

Crook & Chase Country Countdown – November 12, 2011
#30 “The Trouble With Girls” Scotty McCreery Debut