Friday, November 4, 2011

GAC's Top 50 Videos of 2011

Yet Another thing to Vote for Scotty! GAC'S top 50 videos of 2011 they have both ilytb and ttwg up for voting!!!!

Scotty McCreery rapping Sophomore Year

Ahhhh lololol - If this post vanishes it's because I found out this wasn't for public consumption. I'm posting it for now, but you all know my feelings on posting private things, as of right now I don't know where this falls, but it's a must see!!

Scotty McCreery Voting, Keith Urban Surgery

I read in the comment section that Scotty isn't getting enough votes here to be played, umm we must fix that! Please vote, and tweet and post and spread the word!!

I know there is a lot of voting for the fans to do, but it really only takes about 10 min to vote at all the places, and it helps Scotty so much!

Also, Keith Urban is scheduled for throat surgery, see press release below. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him!


Also don't forget to request TTWG at you local COUNTRY station, and to Vote on ACA's and CMT! Links below


The polls are now closed. Your chance to vote for the new 12-Pack Countdown begins Friday at 1 p.m. ET.

I don't know if this will effect the CMA performance, or if Keith will choose to not sing along with Scotty. Perhaps WITC is the only song he'll be performing, and he can share vocals with Scotty, or just play guitar, and Scotty sings, but obviously his health comes first!

Keith Urban is scheduled for surgery on his vocal cords later this month, according to a statement released Thursday (Nov. 3) by his publicist.

The statement refers to the surgery as a minor outpatient procedure, noting that it "will require complete voice rest followed by an undetermined period of recuperation."

However, Urban is not canceling his performance slot on the CMA Awards on Wednesday (Nov. 9), his publicist confirmed. He is nominated for entertainer of the year.

The statement clarified that Urban is scaling back appearances that require multiple songs, yet will honor pre-existing one-song performance commitments leading up to the procedure. However, his scheduled appearances at the Grand Ole Opry on Nov. 12 and Nov. 26 have been canceled, an Opry spokesperson confirmed. All other appearances will be rescheduled in 2012.