Friday, October 28, 2011

Congrats to Garner High's Blue Crew! held a contest to determine the 2011 High School winner for the Student Section Showdown. Scotty tweeted about voting and Garner took home the crown!

Here is their entry submitted on

We come to represent, we come to win, we come to have fun, we come to dominate, and most importantly we come to: BE LOUD, BE PROUD, AND BE TROJANS !


We always carry in our flags and vuvuzelas (Which was a tradition we started in the area and were so effective they have been banned). We all dress in one color normal black, blue, or white. We always have our face painted or special accessories that we have on us to show our school spirit.

There is never a Friday night home or away game that you do not hear the infamous cheers of the mighty Trojan Blue Crew. No matter what color we wear (Blue, White, Black, Yellow, or Pink) one thing that remains the same through each and every game is that no matter what, Win, Lose, or Draw, the Garner Blue Crew comes to do one thing, and that is to show school pride. Whether its through our chants "I Believe", "OHHHH", "Blue, Gold" or "Let's Go Trojans" we are always rooting for our team. That is what separates Garner's student section from any others, our spirit and pride. No matter what the scoreboard says, we do not stop cheering, we are there to support and celebrate, and you can expect nothing less from us!

Pregame/Postgame Activities:

Before the game we tailgate around three hours before the game starts. We cook good food and play games on our homemade ping pong tables and cornholes. After the game everyone goes to cookout were we celebrate our big win.

Before every home and away football game, our blue crew gets together at 4 pm, and we tailgate! We play music, socialize, practice our new chants and just enjoy each others company. We talk about how pumped we are for each game and we prepare to win! After the game, win or loss, our student section, cheerleaders, and football players ALL go to Cookout to celebrate and enjoy each others company. The Blue Crew is not just our "Student Section", its our Football team and Cheerleaders as well, because we are all working together for ONE thing and that is to bring a victory home for the MIGHTY GARNER TROJANS!

Why is your student section the best?:

Our student section is the most passionate in north carolina. As far as size goes our school is not the biggest and yet we still have hundreds of people at our games to show support for out football team. We should win this hands down.

Our Student Section is the best because we are not just screaming for a good time, or too impress a News Video Camera. We cheer because it means something to us, and we cheer because we love our home team. We cheer because it brings our group together not as friends, but as a family. No matter what happens Monday - Thursday, on Friday night we put our differences aside to cheer and root for our boys - TOGETHER! Garner is a tradition based community, and Garner has had a Student Section for generations! Our job is to continue this legacy with honor and pride and help our Trojan Men bring a victory home each and every week! When you are in the presence of the Blue Crew, you will understand that there is NO other Student Section that is like us.

Follow Scotty's family

If you didn't know yet, all of Scotty's family is on Twitter. You'll definitely want to be following them.

Scotty's dad (@MikeMGarner)
Scotty's mom (@JudyMacGarner)
Scotty's sister Ashley (@ashleymccreery2)

(And yes, these are Scotty verified, actual accounts)

Also make sure to head on over to Twitter and wish Mr. McCreery a happy birthday as it is TODAY. But he is almost 3,000 followers behind his wife and daughter. He tweets often, regularly replies to fans and I don't think he would mind catching up to Mrs. McCreery and Ashley!

Scotty McCreery - Grammy Submission

I didn't post about this, because I felt the leaks leave a lot of confusion, but I see people posting in the comments sections that "Scotty was nominated" for a Grammy and I feel I need to clear this up.

Scotty was SUBMITTED for consideration of a nomination. This is not the same as being nominated. It is the first step, but A LOT OF musicians are submitted.  Thousands and thousands of submissions are made, but few nominated.  Just to clear that up.

I would have a child like FAN GIRL FREAK OUT if Scotty is nominated, but I'm staying level on this one. He's young, he's new to the industry and so on.. Again HE HASN'T BEEN NOMINATED.  Just wanted to clear that up for some who seem a wee bit confused <3

 I foresee it in his future though. OOOOMMMMMM

It's interesting to see the results of the poll on the side bar, us fans have a lot in common but seem very split on what would be a good next single. After 24 hours of voting, You Make That Look Good seems to be in the lead with a close 2nd of Water Tower Town. The top four are..........

SONG                                                    VOTES

1. You Make That Look Good                    303
2. Water Tower Town                                 286
3. Write My Number On You Hand            253
4. Walk In The Country                               223

HDD - Predicts Next Week Sales

I just felt like using Scarlet for this post :)  Hellloo Scarlet!
 Mercury Nashville/19/Interscope Idol winner Scotty McCreery 35 - 45K 

With the holiday season approaching I imagine Scotty will be gold before Christmas! Even if he drops a little in sales he should still make it, but the holidays usually create an increase in sales.  Just a heads up and FYI  Jan/Feb are terrible album sales months, so (if) we see a drop during those months, no worries, it's usually terrible album sales during that time :)

Scotty McCreery Vote Vote Vote

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Scotty McCreery CMT Video

On November 8th Robin Roberts will host a special called, All Access Nashville which will air on ABC. It's a behind the scene look at some of the biggest country stars private lives, and they followed Scotty around school. Also included in it will be Keith Urban, and Faith Hill just to name a few! Can't wait to see it :)