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Scotty McCreery Train just keeps on rolling

Scotty McCreery Unveils "The Trouble With Girls" Video, Announces Tour Dates With Brad Paisley

Posted on Monday, October 24, 2011, by HippyGirlHeather
The Scotty McCreery train just keeps on rolling with no sign of slowing down. His debut album Clear As Day broke records when it debuted atop the Billboard 200 charts earlier this month, he sang the National Anthem at a World Series game, his singles and videos are being received well, he’s touring with Brad Paisley and The Band Perry in early 2012 (see dates below) and he’ll be performing at the CMA’s on November 9th.

Today he officially debuts the video on CMT for “The Trouble With Girls” shot by director Roman White, who is responsible for videos for Taylor Swift and fellow Idol alum Casey James.

The video is much like you would expect from Scotty. He’s wearing his ever-present silver cross necklace, and looking thoughtfully into the distance as he delivers lines like “They’re sugar and spice and angel wings/And hell on wheels in tight blue jeans.” I suggest watching this in the 1080p-(HD) option because on the regular 360p setting I completely missed Scotty’s chin scruff! They’re trying to butch him up a little and remind us that the newly turned 18 Scotty is a man, baby!

“The Trouble With Girls” was shot at Scotty’s high school, Garner Magnet High School, with his real friends, some of whom he’s gone all the way up from kindergarten with, including the pretty brunette featured in many scenes with Scotty (you can see her most clearly as his lab partner). The only way this video could be more wholesome and all-American would be if Scotty was eating apple pie in his Grandma’s lap while saluting the American flag.

Scotty McCreery Votes Needed on Taste of Country

Jason Aldean vs. Scotty McCreery – The Showdown

Two artists. One song each. Welcome to the Taste of Country Showdown. Each Monday, two of country music’s hottest new songs will compete for fan votes, and the song with the most votes wins.
This week, it’s superstar Jason Aldean‘s ‘Tattoos on This Town’ taking on 18-year-old ‘American Idol’ winner Scotty McCreery‘s new hit, ‘The Trouble With Girls.’
While both were raised in sweet tea country, the similarities end there. Aldean’s country-rock grooves and images of rural America have made him one of the format’s fastest rising stars ever. McCreery’s boyish face and humble personality seem to contradict the deep growl that escapes when he’s in front of a microphone. But by selling almost 200,000 copies of his debut album, ‘Clear as Day,’ in one week, the North Carolina teen let fans know he’s much more than a reality television gimmick.
Listen to Aldean’s ‘Tattoos on This Town’ and then McCreery’s ‘The Trouble With Girls.’ Consider the greatness of both songs, and then vote wisely. Feel free to tell friends and fellow fans to cast their votes, but hurry! A champion for this round will be named on October 31, when we’ll launch the next Taste of Country Showdown.

Jason Aldean vs. Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery VOTE



Scotty McCreery Review "The Trouble With Girls" Music Video

Scotty McCreery’s High School Friends Star in New ‘The Trouble With Girls’ Video

The Trouble With Girls
Vevo / 19 Entertainment
Scotty McCreery is the main focus of his new ‘The Trouble With Girls’ video, but it’s his hometown high school and fellow classmates that star in this just-released clip. McCreery borrowed the hallways and classrooms of Garner Magnet High School in Garner, N.C. and invited his friends to get in on the fun.

It shouldn’t be surprising that a group of high school seniors could so effortlessly pull off looking like a group of high school seniors, but anyone who’s ever had a role in a school play knows that acting naturally is very difficult under the bright lights. Director Roman White does a great job of recreating a genuine high school experience, down to the goofy giggling and unsophisticated flirting. The science experiments, baseball games and hallway chatter all take a backseat to the memorable moments and jokes shared between friends.

White adds an artist’s brushstroke with solo McCreery shots on the baseball diamond at night and alone in the high school’s hallway at dusk or dawn. These pensive moments are also part of the high school experience. Each scene feels familiar in its own way. Perhaps the one unwanted result of the new video is that it’s sure to fire up the McCreery rumor mill once again. Who is that dark haired cutie he shares so many scenes with? Their chemistry certainly seems to go beyond the science lab.

This is a great review, and I agree that the "Love Interest" in the video is a perfect fit. Although, Scotty has already clarified that the two have known each other since pre-school, so she was an easy fit for the part. He also said the two are ONLY FRIENDS, and he's known her forever.

Scotty McCreery TTWG Video from VEVO

This is an excellent video! Once again, Scotty delivers something awesome for his fans to enjoy.
You can now purchase the video on Itunes - Let's get TTWG to #1

Great Job Scotty We Are Proud Of You1!