Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scotty McCreery - Things to do list - AMA

Brad Paisley Prmotion Tour Video

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Hello everybody, I hope you all have a great weekend! We fans have a lot of voting to do, so here is your weekend to do list :)

The American Country Awards <--- Vote daily

Pure 12 pack CMT <---- You can check TTWG and ILYTB at once and hit vote

US 99 Country Radio <-- Vote as often as you like

Request TTWG at your LOCAL COUNTRY STATION if you aren't sure what your local country station is, check the voting tabs here, there is a link to find your local station.

Also, we've added the "How to pack a shoe box" and "Scotty 2012 Brad Paisley Tour" pages to the top. We'll keep you updated on latest tour information, tickets, and hopefully meet and greets! I'm hoping Scotty will have some MEET AND GREET tickets available, so far I haven't seen anything that indicates it, but I keep looking!

If you know anything about Meet and Greets, please let me know in the comment sections, I have received a lot of emails, and tweets asking IF or WHEN meet and greets will go on sale, or if Scotty will have any special VIP packages for tour.

Tickets for the Kansas show went on sale yesterday, so if you planned to head out to that one you can now purchase your tickets at 

Have a great weekend!! <3