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Scotty McCreery GAC-On The Streets Interview


Scotty Grand Ole Opry Pictures

Grand Ole Opry tweeted these tonight!  CLICK IMAGE TO MAKE LARGER

Grand Ole Opry's photo: All smiles from @ScottyMcCreery backstage at the Opry, w/ the #1 album in the country!
October 11, 2011
All smiles from @ScottyMcCreery backstage at the Opry, w/ the #1 album in the

Grand Ole Opry's photo: Fresh from his 18th birthday @ScottyMcCreery rocks the Opry live on @gactv
October 11, 2011
Fresh from his 18th birthday @ScottyMcCreery rocks the Opry live on @gactv

Scotty McCreery Grand Ole Opry VIDEO 10/11/11 TTWG and That Old King James


Scotty McCreery CAD #1, 198,500 sold

#1 debut album



Q&A: Scotty talks baseball, Clear As Day and his future

The article 'Scotty McCreery Talks 'Clear As Day', Baseball and His Very Bright Future!' is from iconvsicon.com. The site won't let me copy and paste the Q&A but follow the link to hear what Scotty has to say about baseball, Clear As Day and what the future holds.

Scotty McCreery CMT Hot Headlines


Scotty McCreery Clear As Day Charting

According to Hits Daily Double Clear As Day is charting #1 ~ with only 54.02% of the market reporting!

We will keep you updated on the final totals as we receive them!

EDIT BY HAILEY: Although the Vibe - Rater is still at three they have updated the wording.  "SALES EXPLODING" :) 

Scotty McCreery
Mercury Nashville/19/Interscope
album: Clear As Day
track: The Trouble With Girls

Winner of the American Idol’s 10th season seeing sales explode at presstime as debut album hits the street. Spinning: KMLE, KEEY, WQDR, KCYY, KBEQ, KRST, more. American Idols Live tour concluded. #1 at iTunes. Live from Grand Ole Opry 10/11 on GAC. Radio dates in Augusta 11/15 for WKXZ, Mpls 11/13 for KEEY. Today Show 10/3, Leno 10/5, Ellen 10/7. Massive press, including USA Today. Mgmt: 19 Ent, XIX Ent.

Scotty McCreery's Still the Same Country Kid

Scotty McCreery has had a lot on his plate since winning American Idol this year, with his debut album being the main course, but the country crooner insists that he's still the same ol' kid.

"My life has changed but I'm still the same person," McCreery told our Brooke Anderson. "It was cool for me to be able to go back home and see that my friends treat me the same. They treat me like I never left."

The Garner, North Carolina native seems to have not forgotten his hometown roots, an admirable trait for someone who's achieved success in such a short time. How does he top that? Oh, just by staying in school, planning his college career all while making music to appease his fans. I have to say, they don't make 'em like this anymore.

Click the video to hear more from Mr. McCreery, including his speed round with Brooke! His album, Clear As Day, is in stores now.

Click on the link below to view the video.


Scotty McCreery "Bling Bling"

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Face To Face Fox News Interview Scotty McCreery. Nothing really new here

Oct 10, 2011
- 3:11 -
Face2Face: Scotty McCreery makes his mark on country music scene after 'Idol'


Scotty McCreery People Magazine

PEOPLE MAGAZINE – Scotty McCreery CD Review

PEOPLE MAGAZINE – Scotty McCreery CD Review

3 out of 4 stars!From the moment the American Idol finalists first squared off last season, it was clear as his baby blues that Scotty McCreery was a natural-born country star.  After taking the title in May, the North Carolina native, who turns 18 October 9, brings his old soul, easy charm, and-his killer weapon-that preternaturally deep voice to a winning debut.  Producer Mark Bright- whose credits include another American Idol, Carrie Underwood- wisely plays up McCreery's traditional sensibility and rounds up some good tunes.  Highlights include "The Trouble With Girls," a wide-eyed ballad, and "Write My Number on Your Hand"- hey, punching it into your cell phone just isn't as romantic. 

Scotty McCreery UMG

Scotty McCreery - Scotty poses with Tonight Show host Jay Leno and guests Tim Allen and Theresa Caputo

Scotty poses with Tonight Show host Jay Leno and guests Tim Allen and Theresa Caputo

Head over to Scotty's UMG site, there are videos, and pictures, Scotty says thanks for the Bday wishes. Once on the site, click the tabs on the top to see other Scotty related things.  :)  Enjoy