Friday, October 7, 2011

Scotty's Interview on Ellen and Sucks Helium!

Scotty was on Ellen today and it was really funny when he sucks the Helium.......(i watched that part like 10 times! )

Scotty McCreery on Ellen

I will post it as soon as it's up, but ROFL Ellen made him suck a helium balloon to change his voice from low to high, and Scotty indulged her and sang "The Lollipop Kids" from Wizard of Oz. lolz!!  Will have it here soon <3

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Artist Spotlight: Scotty McCreery

Raised in Garner, N.C., Scotty McCreery grew up on Country Music. He was a celebrity in his hometown, where he played local shows and toured with his high school’s award-winning chorus. And … that’s about it as far as this young man’s pre-celebrity background, since he had already rocketed to fame by winning “American Idol”’s top honors at 17.

McCreery has had a terrific year, including an appearance with Josh Turner onstage at LP Field during this year’s CMA Music Festival and a debut single, “I Love You This Big” (written by Ester Dean, Ronnie Jackson, Brett James and Jay Smith), that reached the Top 20 in just seven weeks. His most impressive achievement thus far, though, is his debut album, in which he emerges as a superior vocal interpreter and unique stylist even before being old enough to vote.

Produced by Mark Bright and released by Mercury Nashville/19 Recordings/Interscope, Clear as Day includes no original McCreery compositions, but this allows us to appreciate his interpretive skill. On “I Love You This Big,” his nuances – little slides into the first note of certain lines, the tasteful rubato he applies to emphasize key words – all enhance rather than disrupt the melodic flow. Especially impressive is how he holds back on the key change, letting the lift speak for itself and then giving it a push by saving his high note for the next few bars.

The maturity of his artistry plays well off his preference for small-town images (“Water Tower Town,” by Lynn Hutton, Tammi Kidd and Cole Swindell) and paeans to young, innocent love (“The Trouble with Girls,” Chris Tompkins and Phillip White); this interaction suggests that there’s plenty of great music ahead as McCreery’s horizons expand.

SONG YOU’D LOVE TO COVER: “‘Our Song,’ by Taylor Swift. It has a good little feel to it.”


PET PEEVE: “When people don’t say thank you when you hold a door for them or do something nice. Just say ‘thank you.’ It’s not a big thing.”

ACTOR TO PORTRAY YOU IN A BIOPIC: “Let’s go with Shia LaBeouf.”


Scotty McCreery to have the NUMBER ONE ALBUM - HDD Revises it's numbers

HDD revised predictions are up - we wont get actual figures until next week.  They have increased their initial numbers!! WTG SCOTTY!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

American Idol returns to the top of the chart next week as Scotty McCreery delivers the first debut by a winner to land at #1 since Ruben Studdard in 2003. Adele logs another week in the Top 3, bringing her total to 32 weeks. In 33 total weeks of release, 21 has only been out of the Top 3 for one week. Here's how it looks headed into the weekend:

*Scotty McCreery (Mercury Nashville/19/Interscope) 170-190k
Adele (XL/Columbia) 110-120k
Tony Bennett (Columbia) 70-75k
Lady Antebellum (Capitol Nashville/EMI) 60-65k
J Cole (Roc Nation/Columbia) 55-60k
Lil Wayne (Cash Money/Universal Republic) 55-60k
*Jack's Mannequin (Sire) 35-40k
Blink-182 (Interscope) 35-40k
*Feist (Universal Republic) 30-35k
*Rodney Atkins (Curb) 27-30k
*Mayday Parade (Mayday Parade) 25-28k
Jay Z & Kanye West (Roc-a-Fella/Roc Nation) 21-24k
Foster the People (Columbia) 18-21k
Jason Aldean (Broken Bow) 18-21k
*New Found Glory (Epitaph) 17-20k
Brantley Gilbert (Big Machine) 17-20k

Us Weekly: Scotty McCreery Interview

By Ian Drew

Going back to regular high school life to finish out his senior year has got to be a tough thing for Scotty McCreery. And to think, besides the typical heavy course load and pressure to get into a good college, the reigning American Idol, 17, hasn’t even been able to land the head cheerleader yet. Of course, the country crooner from Garner, North Carolina, who just dropped his debut disc, Clear As Day, claims that’s his choice. He explains why to Us.

Us: This must be a really exciting time!
SM: Oh definitely, this is why we tried out, you know, just try to do this music thing. We’ve been recording and everything, and It's just been amazing. It's been the experience of a lifetime.

Us: How has it been adjusting to life? How has it been being the American Idol?

SM: It's been pretty cool. We got to do a lot of amazing things. It’s been different adjusting to the life of going out to dinner and having to take ten pictures and signing a couple of CDs before we’re done. It’s been a lot of fun. This is all dreamed up plus a whole lot more. I'm just taking it all in and enjoying life and thanking God for everything he's been giving me because this has truly been a blessing to be able to do this.

Us: Did you stay in your hometown or did you end up moving to Nashville or LA?

SM: No, I'm still in my hometown. I'm still in high school. I'm still being Scotty and being the same person I was before I left for Idol.

Us: Are you a junior or senior?

SM: I'm a senior this year. It's been fun and hopefully next week or in a few weeks I'll be back at football games.

Us: Tell me about your senior year. How is that going? I know your mom is very intense about you finishing school...
SM: Well, she's actually on the road with me when we are out here. She's being my teacher; she's a certified entry-level teacher. She’s filling that role and when we are in town, I'm back going to high school and just being a normal me. It was really cool getting back this week. It was my first time back since Idol. I was expecting the weird looks and not being treated the same. I walked in there and it was like I never left.

Us: So these were the same people you grew up with anyway?

SM: Yeah, definitely so they knew me before this Idol thing. I didn't expect anyone to treat me different. People I did know and I was a little worried about. It was great. I didn’t get anything too weird happening to me, so it was a lot of fun being back.

Scotty McCreery

Today Scotty will be on Ellen  (check your local listings) , Scotty's hit predictor Vibe - Rater is now 3, And Scotty still holds number ONE on iTunes!

HDD - Hit's Daily Double should update their predictions today, so lets hope things still stand as they were. One thing about American Idol album release predictions is they might be skewed by being heavy loaded on the first day of sales. Idol fans tend to buy the first or second day, which skews the numbers.  Also, Idol winners usually have a long time or pre-orders

Also, I've been reading some really great things "if" Scotty debuts at number one. It will be some firsts for a male country artist, and if I read correctly the last male country artist to debut at number one would be Billy Ray Cyrus.

Although I might be getting ahead of myself, if anybody knows exactly what it would mean for Scotty, as far as the country industry goes, please leave it in the comment section here. Things I'm referring to are,

Who is the youngest male country artist to debut at number one?
What other male country artists debuted at number one? 
What country firsts would this be if he's to take number one?

Things like that :)  Thanks!!!

Scotty McCreery
Mercury Nashville/19/Interscope
album: Clear As Day
track: The Trouble With Girls

Winner of the American Idol’s 10th season seeing sales explode at presstime as debut album hits the street. Spinning: KMLE, KEEY, WQDR, KCYY, KBEQ, KRST, more. American Idols Live tour concluded. #1 at iTunes. Live from Grand Ole Opry 10/11 on GAC. Radio dates in Augusta 11/15 for WKXZ, Mpls 11/13 for KEEY. Today Show 10/3, Leno 10/5, Ellen 10/7. Massive press, including USA Today. Mgmt: 19 Ent, XIX Ent.

Scotty McCreery "Reality Rocks" interview

This is from a few days ago, but I think we missed it here.  This usually will appear on the front page of yahoo so please go and leave COMMENTS.  It's not earth shattering, or anything new, but still it's a nice interview.

It's really long so there is a page break;_ylt=AvXk_4uMxTMNCbSAxsWDxOfNwSUv in Reality Rocks

Scotty McCreery Talks Elvis, Gaga, Making His Mama Cry, and Being Normal in an Abnormal Pop World

Music Review: Scotty McCreery - Clear as Day

As another fall gets underway, that can only mean the debut release of the American Idol Season 10 winner. Scotty McCreery, who stuck by his country music heritage tooth and nail on the show, delivers a wholesome and all-American set with Clear as Day, which was produced by Carrie Underwood's frequent collabortor Mark Bright. While Day oozes with teenage angst and boyish fantasies, each track clings tightly to a history that flourishes in storytelling and imagery.

"Out of Summertime," co-written by Jonathan Singleton and Tim Nichols, gallops past the ear drums in a frollicking tale of love that only vanishes with the arrival of fall. In much the same way as Deanna Carter's "Strawberry Wine," "Summertime" tells the tale of love that heats up in the summer and quickly dissipates in September. It kicks off McCreery's debut with enough grit and passion to hook the listener into sticking around for more. Unlike "Wine," "Summertime" does not linger on what should have or could have been, but instead crafts an easygoing take on the merriment of young love.

Watch "Scotty McCreery - Interview with Billy Bush" on YouTube

This interview is very funny, poor Scotty, what a sport.