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Scotty McCreery Debut Album predicted to come in at NUMBER ONE!

According to Hits Daily Double projected album sales. IM KINDA SPAZZING OUT!! lol CONGRATS SCOTTY WE LOVE YA!!!! <3

The original Scotty McCreery.

The only previous Idol winner who can make that claim is first-season champ Kelly Clarkson, whose RCA debut Thankful, went straight to #1 in 2003.

Idol Winner McCreery Will Debut at #1 with 150-175k

October 5, 2011

This is one Idol winner who is living up to the hype. Mercury Nashville/19/Interscope artist Scott McCreery’s debut studio effort, Clear as Day, will debut at #1 on next week’s HITS Album sales chart with between 150-175k.
That was based on one-day sales figures from those music retailers who aren’t otherwise occupied selling albums to the Wall Street protestors.
The only previous Idol winner who can make that claim is first-season champ Kelly Clarkson, whose RCA debut Thankful, went straight to #1 in 2003. Carrie Underwood didn’t debut at #1 until her second album, Carnival Ride, entered at the top spot in 2007. Daughtry was an Idol runner-up whose second album, 2009’s Leave This Town, debuted at #1.
Sire group Jack’s Mannequin, fronted by ex-Something Corporate member and cancer survivor Andrew McMahon, will see its third album, People and Things, with between 35-40k in first-week sales.
Cherrytree/Interscope Canadian singer-songwriter Feist, who nabbed four Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist, for the 2007 album, The Reminder, returns with Metals, her first release since then, on target for between 30-35k.
ILG-distribbed Tallahassee, FL, rockers Mayday Parade’s self-titled third album is looking at sales estimates of 25-30k.
Veteran Curb country artist Rodney Atkins’ fourth studio album, Take a Back Road, should do in the neighborhood of 20-25k.
Longtime Epitaph emo-rockers New Found Glory are back with their seventh album, Radiosurgery, boasting a projected sales total of 15-20k.
Teleprompt/Warner Bros.New Orleans alternative rock band Mutemath, are looking at estimates of 15-18k for their third album, Odd Soul. The group received a Grammy nomination in 2008 in the Best Short Form Video category for their clip, “Typical.”
Album sales were up 5% vs. last week, up 5% vs. same week last year and up 3% year to date.
Track sales were down 2% vs. last week, up 5% vs. same week last year and up 11% year to date.
TEA (Track Equivalent Album) were are up 3% vs. last week, up 5% vs. same week last year and up 5% year to date.
C’mon, being up is better than being down.

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Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery‘s new album is now on sale, and he’ll be thanking one Taste of Country reader for his or her support in a personal video greeting. Sign up to enter to win below, (DO NOT SIGN UP ON FANS OF SCOTTY YOU MUST GO TO TASTE OF COUNTRY, FOLLOW LINK BELOW) and then maybe head over to Facebook to share this contest with your McCreery-loving friends (and to get all the latest updates from the singer himself via his Facebook page).

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Taste of Country and our pop music sister site, PopCrush, have been covering the hottest Scotty McCreery news since his ‘American Idol’ beginnings, and we’re excited to now bring this opportunity to one loyal fan.

‘Clear as Day’ was the top album on iTunes after just one day. McCreery says he chose songs that fit his personality. He wanted to fuse a more modern sound with traditional country music. Early fan favorites include the two radio singles, and the emotional title track.

This week, the soon-to-be 18-year-old is criss-crossing the country to promote the album. “On the plane to LA. Listening to #ClearAsDay getting ready for Leno and Ellen coming up!” the Garner, N.C. resident recently tweeted.

Follow all of his tweets and get other McCreery updates at his official website. If you still haven’t picked up a copy of the new album — a debut that will not disappoint — it can now be found in stores, at iTunes and on Amazon.  <-- TO ENTER HEAD HERE

'Idol' winner McCreery releases debut album --

Scotty McCreery, Video Interview

Scotty McCreery Hits Daily Double

Hits daily double has reported Scotty's Vibe- Rater - What exactly does this mean?

They gage from all music sources, what's hot, and indicate future exposure or popularity of an artist. They also release early estimated album sale numbers, and next week starting on Monday, will they will start to release "Actual" sales.  Store will begin to report in, somewhat like an election, their site will say.. With 30% reported in, sales 35,000. 

Many radio stations, and other music sources will check Hits Daily Double to gage the latest buzz on an artist. Here is Scotty's HDD Vibe-Rater.  I especially love the part that says "MASSIVE PRESS" <-- This a link to bookmark, we'll be keeping a close eye out on it next week, as sales numbers begin to roll in. Check out last weeks sales.

What do you think Scotty's sales will be?

Scotty McCreery
Mercury Nashville/19/Interscope
album: Clear As Day
track: The Trouble With Girls

Winner of the American Idol’s 10th season heating up at Country radio with new song from upcoming 10/4 debut studio album release: KMLE, KEEY, WQDR, KCYY, KBEQ, KRST, more. American Idols Live tour concluded. Live from Grand Ole Opry 10/11 on GAC. Radio dates in Augusta 11/15 for WKXZ, Mpls 11/13 for KEEY. Today Show 10/3, Leno 10/5, Ellen 10/7. Massive press. Mgmt: 19 Ent, XIX Ent.

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Scotty McCreery, new picture and bathroom autographs

This is a great article, I love how Judy McCreery responds to somebody wanting to take Scotty's picture outside a bathroom at 6:45AM.  Always the mom, I would feel the same way. Enjoy! <3
More New Photos Click Here  <-------See more photo's

Performing in front of millions of people for the first time, beating out thousands of other highly talented competitors, defeating nerves and self-doubt — winning "American Idol" may have been the easy part.
Now Scotty McCreery has to figure out how to turn victory into a high-level career.

One doesn't always translate into other. But the 17-year-old isn't thinking of his first post-"Idol" album, "Clear As Day," as a make-or-break situation. He prefers the long view. He wouldn't mind being the next superstar alum of "Idol," successfully transitioning in the way multiplatinum stars Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson have.

If not, though, he's still going to play baseball in the spring. He's still going to college in a year. He's still ... Scotty. And superstar status — or lack thereof — won't change much.

"People, they bring that up a lot," McCreery said. "For me it's not so much about that aspect. The other `Idols,' they have a lot of success in what they're doing. They get to do music every day for the rest of their lives. They may not have the most mainstream, big success, but they're still doing what they love. And we talked to some of the `Idols' when they came to the show about that. Right now, we're doing what we feel's right."

McCreery, who turns 18 on Sunday, had a fairly simple and normal life until about a year ago. From small town Garner, N.C., he was a pitcher and a member of the chorus with an unbelievably deep voice who occasionally participated in small talent shows.

A year later he's a TV star, a veteran of a national tour and he and his family face a myriad of decisions — from which songs to record to complicated financial dealings — that could have a profound effect on his life for decades to come.

Way more worrisome than whether he can hit the high notes.

"There's never been a teenage boy to really make it in country music so there's no formula for what he should do," Scotty's mother, Judy, said. "So I do sit back and wonder if this is the right move, are these the right songs, is this the right atmosphere? Things have been chugging along and all the right things are happening and all the right people are in his path, so I'm just trying to let go and let nature take its course. Something's working."

While competing in Los Angeles, McCreery met most of the former "Idol" winners. A few brought gifts. All came bearing advice.

"A lot of it was enlightening," McCreery said. "For the most part they had one common theme: Stay true to yourself and don't let the business get to you because it's a completely different world out there than this `Idol' bubble and the life we knew before. They said just stay true to your boots and it will all be good."

McCreery figured out one part of the formula quickly. He focused on the music, picking up quickly on the Nashville mantra: It's all about the song. He teamed with producer Mark Bright, a veteran who has worked with Underwood, Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Luke Bryan and Billy Ray Cyrus, and the call went out to Nashville's songwriting community. They were looking for songs written specifically for McCreery that would reflect his sensibility.

He got songs from notable writers like Brett James, Casey Beathard, Craig Wiseman and Keith Urban, who suggested his old song "Walk in the Country" from his early career in The Ranch. Like all the others, McCreery gave it close consideration before recording it.

As those former winners suggested, he stayed true to his boots.

"I'd get a lot of outside opinions and stuff — Does this feel right? Does it sound good?" Scotty said. "Ultimately it has to feel right to me and it had to feel good to me so I didn't have to fake it when I was recording it. All these songs on this album are 100 percent me."

Each of the 12 songs comes from a youthful perspective or voice, and McCreery says they just naturally fell into categories of love — romantic love, family love, love for the place you come from.
These are themes that will be familiar to his fans, who turned out in record numbers to help with his victory. More than 39 million people watched the final episode and the 122.4 million votes cast for the finale set a new mark.

Brian Wright, Universal Music Nashville senior vice president of A&R, thinks those numbers might just be an early indicator that McCreery will be very popular, "if he's not already a superstar. I think in the public eye that he is."

The trick is to build on that, and Wright thinks that will come naturally. He believes McCreery has the "it" factor stars need to build and keep a large audience.

"I didn't get to meet him until the week before the final," Wright said. "All of that on TV was really good. But once I finally met him, I got it. Sometimes in this business we get jaded about making sure everything's perfect — the artist, the look, the sound — when it really is just about connecting to your audience. I think Scotty does a great job of that and what you see on TV is what you get."

Easy-going. Friendly. Sometimes his mom wishes he wasn't quite so accessible.

"Like today he walked out of the bathroom at the airport and there were two ladies waiting to take his picture," Judy said. "I went, `Oh, really at quarter of 7 in the morning? Can't this boy get some relief?' But the show creates that image that this person's like in your family. They feel like they know them. So Scotty's like, `Be nice, mom.' He's like, `You know I'm famous.'"
And she responded: "Well you're not famous to me, you're just Scotty."

Read more:

Scotty McCreery Interview

Nothing new here, but it's still a nice read. Enjoy <3
©Scotty McCreery/Mercury Nashville
© Scotty McCreery/Mercury Nashville
Scotty McCreery: No Faking It
The 10th 'Idol' winner celebrates his birthday with a debut album ... and homework
By Phyllis Stark
Special to MSN Music

What do you do after you win "American Idol," sign a major-label record deal, play the starring role in a nationwide tour and become a household name, all in a matter of a few months? If you're Scotty McCreery, you return to high school in Garner, N.C., to finish your senior year.

It's a bit long, so I've inserted a page break.

Scotty is at home in new music video ::

Scotty McCreery & Suzanne Alexander GAC's Photos of the Week: Great American Country

Scotty McCreery & Suzanne Alexander, Scotty McCreery dropped by the studio to chat with Suzanne Alexander about his debut album, <em>Clear As Day,</em> which landed on shelves October 4. Tune in to the latest episode of <em><strong><a href=",,GAC_26058_99916,00.html">On The Streets</a></strong></em> on October 11 to see the interview as well as interviews with Hunter Hayes and Martina McBride! Photo courtesy of GAC staff, taken by Julee Cobb.   <strong><a href=",,GAC_26071_6041600,00.html">More Scotty McCreery Photos >></a></strong>
Scotty McCreery dropped by the studio to chat with Suzanne Alexander about his debut album, Clear As Day, which landed on shelves October 4. Tune in to the latest episode of On The Streets on October 11 to see the interview as well as interviews with Hunter Hayes and Martina McBride! Photo courtesy of GAC staff, taken by Julee Cobb.

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