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Scotty McCreery Gets Ready for Debut Album ‘Clear As Day’

Scotty McCreery Gets Ready for Debut Album ‘Clear As Day'
Posted Oct 02 2011 by Irene Test
‘American Idol’ winner Scotty McCreery is preparing for his debut album ‘Clear As Day’ and will be doing a fair amount of promotion through standard and country music media outlets.
American Idol winner Scotty McCreery may not even be finished with high school yet, but he’s gearing up for his new album Clear As Day, due on October 4, and future career. In a recent profile in Billboard, McCreery talks about the sound he wanted for Clear As Day, and his label discusses its approach for promoting the album.
Clear As Day was produced by Mark Bright (Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts), and while not writing any of the songs on the album, McCreery worked closely with the producer in selecting the material. He told the magazine about working with Bright: "I could have made a record where I was trying to sound like a 40-year-old country singer, but that's not what I wanted to do.[…] He knew exactly where I was coming from in the country format, as well as my background in church and the Christian aspect in my life."
Universal Music Group Nashville vice president of marketing Tom Lord mentioned to Billboard that, because of American Idol, the label is reaching out to a larger base, one that goes beyond standard country music outlets. Lord said: "Scotty knew what he wanted to record. He has a really good sense of himself. When you hear the songs you go, 'That seems like the guy I saw on American Idol.”
Because so many associate McCreery with the show, the singer will be appearing on ABC Family, Nick at Night, Good Morning America, Today, Live! With Regis and Kelly, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote Clear As Day. The day before the album hits stores, GAC will be running a special called Introducing: Scotty McCreery, which will feature footage from him performing on the American Idols Live! tour this past summer. Once in stores, Clear As Day will also be available as a limited edition ‘ZinePak – the album and a 72-page mini-magazine – through Walmart.
Written on Oct 02 2011 by Irene Test

Scotty McCreery GAC countdown

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Scotty McCreery slice of normal in Garner

GARNER -- When the "American Idols Live!" concert tour came to an end a week ago, Scotty McCreery caught a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to his hometown. Within hours, the headlining singer who had performed for cheering throngs all summer was just another senior in a Garner High School classroom, studying psychology and getting ready for the homecoming football game.

It's the kind of night-and-day contrast Scotty has gotten used to since being named the 10th "American Idol" during the May finale of TV's top-ranked show.

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Scotty McCreery Top 40 Country Songs – October 2011 - Taste of Country

Scotty McCreery Video GAC Biography Preview

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