Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scotty to be on Regis & Kelly 10/4

No official confirmation has been released but according to various television schedules, Scotty will appear on Regis and Kelly the day Clear As Day drops- October 4. The show airs at 10 EST on ABC.

Scotty on his last visit to Regis and Kelly on May 31st:

Clear As Day Review:

Written by Herbs Long

Even for a devoted Idol fan like me, prior to the start of Season 10, things didn’t look good for TV’s #1 show. But, thanks to a new panel of judges, a new Executive Producer, a new mentor, and most importantly, a new pool of talent, Idol exceeded expectations for many this past year. With a new record label working with this year’s talent, the hope was that there would be a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation for worthwhile products. After having the pleasure of listening to advance copies of Scotty McCreery’s and Lauren Alaina’s albums, it is my belief that order has been restored and the finalists you fell in love with on the show are ready to take over the charts with their debut albums.

Below, I give my thoughts on each of the tracks from Scotty’s album, Clear As Day, which is due out on October 4, and can be pre-ordered now at

Many of the greatest country songs are those that vividly tell stories, and Scotty’s title track, “Clear As Day,” certainly fits this description. My first thought was for the fans that have missed his lower register, they are in for a great treat. As the song progressed, it became clear (as day) that the words readily paint a picture for listeners. It nearly demands its own music video! Without spoiling the song, I will say the general idea of this track is that he’s taken a moment to himself to reflect on past memories, and “every detail is still in place.” This relatively slow tempo tune has a beautiful chorus and most of the verses put a smile on your face. But watch out for the final thirty seconds of the song, the ending surprised me.

“Water Tower Town” is an up tempo track that instantly had me dancing in my chair. I can testify to the fact that this song accurately captures the essence of life in a small town. It’s equipped with references to Friday night football, sweat tea and fireflies. There is no doubt in my mind that this song is perfect for Scotty. It’s very believable and relatable, even for the city folk. And, I would venture to say that out of all the tracks on the Idol champ’s album, this could be the best fit for radio.

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Scotty McCreery - Preview Clear As Day on iTunes

Clear As Day can now be previewed on iTunes

Country Stars in Halloween Costumes – 10 Best Pictures - Taste of Country

Taste of Country, once again shows their Scotty love by giving him 4th place, out of 10 Best Country Stars Halloween Costumes. Others on the list were Kellie Pickler, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and more. To see the full list follow the link  Here

Scotty McCreery as Elvis Presley


That's a childhood picture of this year's 'American Idol' winner dressed as Elvis Presley. Even at a young age, Scotty McCreery clearly took his love of the King very seriously, although his sidekick isn't doing much to help his street cred. Throughout the show, McCreery paid tribute to Presley with spot-on impersonations or by singing his music. He showed he's got a little of the King's stage charisma in him as well.
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Scotty McCreery