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Clear As Day and the CD's songwriters

The article below is from USAToday: Idol Chatter. A few articles posted here have focused on the talented and successful song writers that have either approached Scotty wanting him to cut their songs or have expressed great pleasure in Scotty singing their songs. The article here talks about the song writers that made Scotty's album and their previous success. Here's to the same success for Clear As Day :)

By Brian Mansfield

Over the weekend, posted a track listing for Scotty McCreery's Clear as Day abum, due out Oct. 4. Here's the list, followed by the writers on each song:

Out of Summertime (Written by Jonathan Singleton and Tim Nichols)
I Love You This Big (Ronnie Jackson, Brett James, Ester Dean, Jay Smith)
Clear as Day (Phil O'Donnell, Casey Beathard, Adam Wheeler)
The Trouble With Girls (Philip White, Chris Tompkins)
Water Tower Town (Cole Swindoll, Lynn Hutton, Tammi Kidd)
Walk in the Country (Vernon Rust, Keith Urban)
Better Than That (Chris Destefano, Jess Cates, Craig Wiseman)
Write My Number on Your Hand (Jeremy Stover, Jamie Paiulin, Thomas Rhett Akins)
Dirty Dishes (Michael Dulaney, Neil Thrasher, Tony Martin)
You Make That Look Good (Rhett Akins, Lee Thomas Miller)
Back on the Ground (Neil Thrasher, Casey Beathard, Tony Martin)
That Old King James (Philip White, Mark Nesler)

If you pay attention to songwriter credits on country hits, you'll notice several familiar names here. Better Than That co-writer Craig Wiseman is one of Nashville's top tunesmiths, having written Tim McGraw's Live Like You Were Dying and Kenny Chesney's The Good Stuff, along with dozens of other hits. Neil Thrasher, who has a pair of tunes on Clear as Day, co-wrote several Rascal Flatts hits, including I Melt, Fast Cars and Freedom and Why Wait. Rhett Atkins, who also has a couple tunes on the album, helped write Blake Shelton's Honey Bee and All About Tonight. Casey Beathard has written hits for Chesney, Tracy Lawrence, Tracy Byrd and Darius Rucker. And, of course, there's that Keith Urban song, Walk in the Country, which appeared on The Ranch's 1997 self-titled debut album.
Scotty doesn't think "Clear As Day" will be the third single off the album, he feels it's to much of a ballad for the third single, but he doesn't allude to what the next single might be. Personally I loved loved "Out of Summertime" but since were going into fall/winter that boat might have sailed. Then again, I suppose there are no rules for what a song should be about, based on the season. lol  I'm really curious about "Dirty Dishes" too. Perhaps it's a song about all the dishes after he's eaten a ton of Bojangles  :D  Either way, it's quickly approaching, and I can't wait for October 4th!! 

Scotty McCreery Sheds Light on ‘Clear as Day’ Title Track
By: Billy Dukes | 3 hours ago

With just over three weeks remaining until ‘American Idol’ winner Scotty McCreery releases his debut album, the singer is taking a little time to reflect on the project. In a recent interview with PopCrush, McCreery says two songs stand out amongst the others as personal favorites, and the album’s title track, ‘Clear as Day,’ is one of them.

“It’s definitely one of my favorites. I’ve got a few favorites. ‘Trouble With Girls’ is one and this is another one,” McCreery says. “It’s a serious song. It’s starts off talking about a football game, and a lot of stuff a lot of guys my age — and everybody — went through. Everybody can relate to it. It talks about the partying after the game, the big victory, but then it gets really serious and takes a big twist.”

However, McCreery doubts ‘Clear as Day’ will be his third single from his debut album, which is in stores on October 4. “We’ll see … Hopefully the next single I can put out something a little different. ‘Clear as Day’ is kind of that same ballad-y kind of song, so we’ll see. It’s not like I’m saying I have to do a ballad-y kind of song. Whatever happens naturally will happen.”

Very few of the album’s 12 tracks remain mysteries to McCreery’s most faithful followers. He or the songwriters have just about discussed them all in one way or another, though little is known about the tunes ‘Dirty Dishes’ or ‘That Old King James.’

American Idol Busses

The boys are having some fun with fans. LOL

SENT BY DONNA PUBLISHED BY HAILEY - I listened to this before posting and there is a little bit of "Language", but it's pretty funny, they're throwing stuff out of the bus to the fans.

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