Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scotty McCreery "Dagum"

Scotty is a cool dude, he speaks so confidently while managing to still sound humble. WTG Mr. American Idol. This is just a short video, but I enjoyed it, so I thought you might too.

Scotty McCreery WBBS 104.9 interview

Credit goes to: myscottymccreery


Times Union Tour Review: Lots of talent in these 'Idols'

Note: I realize the author of this review refers to those on tour as the the top-10 rather than the top-11. But he has valid opinions on the tour set up itself and Scotty's act so I went ahead and posted those bits.

By Steve Barnes

ALBANY -- The best American Idol Live concert in the 10-season history of the franchise stopped at the Times Union Center on Sunday night, confirming the impression from TV that this year's top-10 finalists are the deepest bench of talent ever.
At least eight and perhaps even nine of the 10 have the voice, charisma and performing skill to deserve being in front of the more than 300,00 people they've performed for so far, with five more dates on the 49-city tour.

The concert was also the best arranged and produced among all of the Idol Live tours. Rather than relying on abundant group medleys and a slow countdown through the also-rans to the winner, complete with individual video intros, Sunday's show featured smartly selected songs -- many of them contemporary -- occasional duets or finalists singing backup for one another and a freer mix in the order of who performed when. Also, by doing fewer songs than in past tours but giving most of them full justice, Idol Live 2011 didn't have the feel of a string of truncated greatest hits.

The current winner, the teen country rumbler Scotty McCreery, is atypical among this year's top 10 in that he's just about the only one who doesn't display flamboyant vocal prowess almost to the point of oversinging. Aside from pleasingly showoffy basso-profundo dips on his signature song, "Your Man" by Josh Turner, McCreery is confident enough in his direct, honest singing and his winning smile to forgo vocal pyrotechnics. It's too early to say whether "American Idol" will launch McCreery toward the country stardom enjoyed by season-four winner Carrie Underwood, but he deserves it.

Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/entertainment/article/Lots-of-talent-in-these-Idols-2156527.php#ixzz1XBtkZG10

Scotty McCreery Busy Day On Twitter

Just thought I'd share some tweets that are being posted about Scotty & from Scotty on twitter today. Looks like Scotty's had a busy day today.

blairgarner Blair Garner Just heard the ENTIRE @ScottyMcCreery album. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Home run all the way! So proud of the guy. Monster hits on it!

ScottyMcCreery Scotty McCreery @blairgarner thanks a bunch Blair! it was nice talking with you today!

API_Nashville Audio Productions Look for @ScottyMcCreery new album "Clear As Day" in stores Oct 4th! Good talking with you today Scotty!

ScottyMcCreery Scotty McCreery @API_Nashville thanks so much! nice talking with you too!

tasteofcountry Taste of Country Just got off the phone with @ScottyMcCreery. Stay tuned to tasteofcountry.com this week for our interview!

Scotty did a radio interview this morning in Syracouse - if a link becomes available we'll be sure to post it here.