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I Love You This Big ranks #21 on Taste of Country's Top 40 September list

By Billy Dukes

The September 2011 list of our Top 40 Country Songs — based on charts, staff reviews and reader input — is packed with debut singles from artists with new albums in stores this fall. There will be no shortage of Christmas gift ideas for the country music fan in your life come holiday season. Four of the Top 5 songs are from just released or yet to be released albums from artists like Toby Keith, Rodney Atkins and Dierks Bentley. None of these men were strong enough to take the top spot, however. That honor goes to a song that should be in contention for Song of the Year honors this awards season.

Jake Owen made the biggest leap from the August 2011 list. His song 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' jumped 14 spots. Lady Antebellum debuted inside the Top 30 with their new song 'We Owned the Night.' Miranda Lambert and Jason Aldean also made strong first impressions. Find your favorite songs on this list, and as always, let us know where we got it wrong in the feedback section at the bottom of the page.

Taste of Country started this list in August 2011 where Scotty was #18 so he held on pretty strong.


Scotty McCreery Recording in Nashville

Scotty McCreery Explains Why He Prefers Recording in Nashville Over Los Angeles
American Country Countdown

Though he got a lot of experience in the recording studio in Los Angeles while competing on American Idol, Scotty McCreery prefers the laid-back vibe of Nashville studios. He says, "It was so cool getting in the studio here and just the chemistry between the band and the producer and all of us just having fun in there making music."

Part of the reason recording for American Idol wasn't fun for Scotty is due to the fast pace of filming a weekly TV show. He only got two or three hours with each song before he had to go on to the next appointment or interview for the show. In Nashville, Scotty's had plenty of time to really stretch out and enjoy the recording experience. Speaking about a recent session, Scotty says, "It was a good 12-hour-day, and I was having fun all 12 hours."

Scotty is currently on the American Idols Live tour, hitting New England this weekend. His new single, "The Trouble with Girls," was shipped to country radio this week.

Scotty McCreery One more night in Manila

Thia, Scotty et. al add one more night to Manila gig
by Joba Botana

Such is the clamor for the season 10 finalists of American Idol, that Ovation Productions and Solar TV have added another playdate to their concert tour here in Manila.

Yes, fans have one more chance to see Thia Megia and Scotty McCreery and the rest of the Season 10 idols (Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, James Durbin, Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald, Pia Toscano, and Naima Adedapo) perform at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Sept. 21. Tickets which have been on sale since July, have reportedly been snapped up within weeks, convincing organizers to add one more playdate to their Philippine tour.

Rumor has it there may be some changes to their set list as requests pour in for more songs from Megia, whose parents both hail from Pampanga. A separate request for a duet between Megia and McCreery, however, is still up in the air.

The Idols, who have been on the road since July, are wrapping up a 47-city tour in the United States and Canada before heading to the Philippines.

McCreery, who has not been to the country, said in an online article all he knows about the Philippines is that "it's hot."

Megia, on the other hand, has not been to the Philippines since she was a toddler, and confesses to being 'super excited' to meet her Filipino fans, as are the other Idols.

When asked if the Idols are ready for their Manila gig, Megia tweeted,"We're all ready!"

The American Idol 2011 Live Tour is presented by Ovation Productions and Solar TV (which includes Jack TV and ETC). For reservations and inquiries please visit any Ticketnet outlet (call 911 5555) or online at For more information and additional Internet booking, visit

Scotty McCreery "Whos Hot in Hollywood"

From: USA WEEKEND’s Who’s News Blog

Scotty McCreery will be rapping up this years American Idol summer tour on Wednesday September 7th.

Scotty McCreery understands being the most recent American Idol winner means more than just entertaining. “I don’t look at it as just musical stuff, I look at it as setting an example for younger kids and for America,” says the 17-year-old North Carolina country singer. Reigning American Idol Scotty McCreery accentuates the positive.

With one month until the release of his debut album "Clear As Day" McCreery will have little down time.

Also on the Who's Hot in Hollywood list:  Jim Sturgess ages 20 years over the course of the romantic drama One Day, co-starring Anne Hathaway.


American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery's Dogs Are 'Fou-Fou' Much! - Stars and Pets, Dogs, Scotty McCreery :

Since becoming the season 10 American Idol champ, 17-year-old Scotty McCreery has been on the road with his mom, Judy. Meanwhile, his dad, Mike, has been holding down the fort – and taking care of the McCreery family's dogs, Becky and Junior.
"I have two fou-fou dogs," McCreery tells PEOPLE. "I don't really know how to describe them. They're weird."
McCreery's father doesn't seem to object too much to Becky and Junior's company, though. "Now that Dad's home alone, he lets them sleep on the bed with him," McCreery says. "Mom's like, 'They better not be sleeping on my side of the bed!'"
At the very least, Junior has the ability to provide a few laughs. "Junior, he's a character," McCreery says. The 8-year-old pooch often runs around in circles or heads to the front door to bark whenever a doorbell rings on television.
"Junior's toys are whatever he can get his mouth on," McCreery says. "We have ant traps under our couch and he'll go and eat them. Nothing stops Junior.",,20525302,00.html

Scotty McCreery This Week’s Hottest Stories

'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery finds a way to put himself in the most read news stories just about every week. His announcement of a brand-new single was not only the hottest Taste of Country article of the week, it was the most commented on. Most people just showed some Scotty love, while a few took exception to our lukewarm review.

Scotty McCreery's 'Clear as Day' Album to Include a Keith Urban Track
Details of Scotty McCreery's new album keep leaking out like water through a busted nozzle. After teasing fans with this news, he later specified which track he'd recorded. Keith Urban recommended his 1997 song 'Walkin' in the Country' from an album he did as part of The Ranch. If the timing was right, he was willing to play guitar on McCreery's version as well. Sadly, the two couldn't sync schedules.

Scotty McCreery’s New Single ‘The Trouble With Girls’ Debuts Tomorrow

A radio station in Raleigh, N.C. first leaked word that a new Scotty McCreery song was coming. After reading a tweet teasing the new song and an interview, fans began to clamor for more details. Fortunately, no one had to wait long as we had the single up for fans by night's end.

Scotty McCreery, 'The Trouble With Girls' – Lyrics Uncovered

Within hours of McCreery releasing 'The Trouble With Girls,' we had songwriter Phillip White on the phone explaining how he and co-writer Chris Tompkins came up with the idea. He said the song was fairly new, having only been written within the last few months. As fans clamor for anything McCreery related, this was sure to be part of the Top 10 stories of the week.
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Scotty McCreery, 'The Trouble With Girls,' – Song Review

The 'American Idol' winner's second official single was released this week and immediately became the most searched for story amongst Taste of Country readers. McCreery should maintain his strangle hold on the top of our most read list in weeks to come, especially if he continues leaking details of his new album before it' release on October 4.
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