Monday, August 22, 2011

Scotty McCreery Wilkes-Barre, PA Review

Review: Latest American Idol Live Tour has all the right stuff

WILKES-BARRE TWP. - 2011's version of the American Idol Live Tour express roared into town Sunday night and as usual, the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza was jammed and the amazing phenomena continued before a capacity crowd of 9,000 people.

Now that the voting is over and the butterflies of the tour experience should be worked out, how did the Idols do when the real judges looked on - the paying audience? Well, at Mohegan Sun Arena on Sunday, some people who have attended all of the tours thought this one was the best by far!

Whether it was the seeming innocence of Season 10's winner, 17-year-old Scott McCreery, or the beautiful allure of 22-year-old Pia Toscano, this version of "American Idol Live" was as entertaining as any that had preceded it. This group of 11 has it all

And isn't building anticipation and saving the best for the last American Idol's basic premise? So by the time 2011 winner Scott McCreery was scheduled to make an appearance, the screaming teen and pre-teen fans were building to a fever pitch to hear the purity of this 17-year-old belt out "Your Man," "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?" and his new single "I Love You This Big." (Press deadline and a late start to the show prevented a review of his work.)

McCreery's boyish charm and classic country baritone make for an interesting combination and the steering of his artistic ship must be carefully chosen. He must have the right production and artistic direction to be taken seriously in the long haul. His single is lingering in the top 20 now and that's a good start.

Not everyone will always agree but let's face it, the American public did well voting on this group. Very well.

I have posted mainly what pertained to Scotty to read the complete review you can follow the link below.

Scotty McCreery Hot Headlines with CMT's Cody Alan

Scotty is shown in the first few seconds of the video

Scotty McCreery - Ringing NASDAQ Closing Bell

Follow the link below to see the video of the Idols Ringing the NASDAQ Closing Bell

Video Clip <-- Click to watch Scotty :)

Scotty McCreery and Fellow American Idol Contestants

With a thunderous applause, Scotty McCreery brought the NASDAQ trading day to an end on Monday, August 22, ringing the closing bell at precisely 4PM ET. The ‘American Idol’ winner was flanked by a number of his tourmates, and a couple dozen young kids and teenagers. Everyone was very excited to see the stock exchange finish with a modest 3.54 point gain. McCreery has made numerous publicity stops during his reign as ‘American Idol’ champion. He looked somewhat out of place in khaki shorts and a T-shirt, although most of his tourmates were similarly dressed. Only Thia Megia wore an outfit more appropriate for a business setting.

After being introduced, Jacob Lusk, Megia, Casey Abrams, Paul McDonald and Naima Adedapo took a moment to thank the dozens of viewers watching at home on CNBC or on the web. “I love life and I love music. Thanks everyone,” Abrams said to the delight of an off-screen audience.
The group smiled for a few photos, and then the group of children came pouring in from all sides of the camera shot. The webcast didn’t explain who these kids were, but each one seemed to be excited to be around the ‘American Idol’ stars. More pictures were taken, and finally the countdown to the trading day’s end began.

Ringing the NASDAQ closing bell is somewhat of a tradition for ‘American Idol’ contestants. Representatives from each of the last five season’s have done the honor.


Scotty McCreery at the Stock Market Close


Scotty McCreery "American Idol Tour" 'Chicago' Video and Recap from a Fan.

Gloria was kind enough to send these pictures and videos of her experience at the Idol Concert, along with a recap :) Thanks for sharing these with us!

I first met his Dad Mike! and when they say father like son! its True! it was really funny walking up to scotty cause i was on a mission to have him talk to one of my really good friends on the phone and actually didn't just say hi im Scotty......he actually had a 2 minute conversation with her! (she and i Scotty fans from day 1) Scotty was sooo incredibly sweet! I would meet them both again and again....and again! BEST NIGHT OF 2011!

Scotty on the phone with Gloria's friend.'

Intro and Your Man

I Love You This Big

Scotty McCreery - Country Weekly Magazine

The August 29th issue of Country Weekly magazine has a 4 page article spread of @ScottyMcCreery. Includes some great pictures and what he wrote to his high school classmates after winning AI.

Also, If you haven't checked out Scotty's CMT page then here it is. Articles, pictures and his video.

Scotty McCreery - Signing Autographs

Scotty McCreery Taste of Country

Scotty McCreery Teases Fans With New
Album Details – This Week’s Best Tweet

This week on Twitter, Scotty McCreery got his followers riled up when he teased them with details about his new 'Clear as Day' album … By not giving them any information at all.

Scotty McCreery (@ScottyMcCreery): Had a good time chatting with yall tonight. lets do it again. Falling asleep to one of my favorite songs on the album called # ____________.