Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Idols Live! Tour Store

Good news for anyone who is unable to attend the tour or wishes they had bought something while they were there. You can now purchase the exact items that are for sale on tour. The store is also having a sale right now- if you buy two shirts you get one free.

Click HERE to be linked to the store website.

Click HERE to see what shirts are on sale.

Happy shopping Scotty fans!

And because every post is better with a picture:), here's one of Scotty on tour:


Tracking "Clear As Day"

How high can it go? Earlier Tarah posted Clear As Day was proudly sitting at 27 on Amazon, a short time later she updated it was 23, then it went to 11, As of right now it's proudly sitting at #9!!! # 

EDIT: 3:15PM #5NOW!!

We'll keep a watch on it all day and see HOW HIGH CAN IT GO?? What a day for Scotty, I Love You This Big goes Gold and Clear as Day reaches the top 10 on Amazon! If you tweet something today please add #CongratsScotty to your tweets.  I see on twitter the fans are trying to trend it. I know from past trending experiences that when you want to trend something you must also add written text to your tweet, so it CANNOT just say #CongratsScotty, add something else to the tweet!

I'm so proud of him today! What a day for you Scotty and to be a fan.  We Love Ya This Big!

Scotty McCreery "I Love You This Big" Goes Big, Goes Gold

After Scotty's GMAC performance "I Love You This Big" increased in sales enough to push Scotty McCreery winner of American Idol 10 to Gold.  With sales over 503,000. . I Love You This Big currently is No. 15 on USA TODAY's Country airplay chart. Congrats to Scotty!!  Lauren Alaina also saw a double digit sales increase pushing "Like My Mother Does" to total of  247,000.

Scotty McCreery
I Love You This Big just went #GOLD this week! thank yall so much! This is really incredible.. love yall!
22 minutes ago Reply

This is not Scotty's Gold Album certificate, matter of fact IDK who's it is, but his should look similar. :)

Scotty McCreery - Concert Reviews

This is a great review of the Newark, NJ concert.  I've only copied the part about Scotty, but if you want to read about the other contestants click the link below to the article.

The last winning moment, the crowning of McCreery, prodded the audience to their feet. The biggest plus to this concert was that each set was a breath of fresh air, and McCreery was no exception. A country boy at heart, he began his set with "Your Man" by Josh Turner, which has come to be McCreery's staple song. From "Baby, lock them doors and turn the lights down low," the crowd was overtaken with unbridled and explosive fandom. He followed this song up with "Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not" and his debut single, "I Love You This Big," with hand gestures galore. It isn't any wonder that he was crowned the winner. He has such charisma and effect on the audience that is reminiscent of the Beattles and Michael Jackson. Teen girls screamed, cried, jumped up and down, and belted the lyrics .

Another highly anticipated moment of the concert was the "When You Say Nothing at All," a duet by McCreery and Alaina. It was unreal, as if the audience was stepping back in time and seeing a younger Underwood and Paisley up on stage. Their chemistry is unmatched by any of the other contestant pairings this year. There is word that a duet will appear on each of their respective albums. Let's hope this is true.

To finish off the evening, McCreery began a group performance with Alaina, Reinhart, Megia, and Toscano of "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry. This was a bold move as none of the others, save for Alaina, have a single country fiber in their beings. That was just a wrongful conclusion. The girls clearly know how to interpret country music, and the crowd roared the entirety of the performance.

"Gone" Newark NJ 8/14 credit to myscottymccreery

Read more:

Scotty McCreery ~ GAC special to air October 3rd "Introducing Scotty McCreery"

- Staff Writer
GARNER -- When Scotty Mc Creery returned home last month to perform in the "American Idol" concert, a Nashville film crew was on hand to shoot footage for a documentary on the young singer.
The film will air on the Great American Country cable channel in October.

The crew, led by Todd Cassetty, interviewed Scotty at Raleigh's RBC Center on July 27, then toured Garner the next day, gathering interviews for "Introducing," a biographical series on GAC that features rising country stars.

"It's amazing to drive around town and see all the signs people have made to support him," Cassetty said of his time in Garner. "It couldn't happen to a nicer young man."

Click to Read more, it's a bit long, and we have a lot to still post for today, so I've inserted a page break to save space. I will put the date of the show in the side bar. This will air the day before the album release! Great timing as promotion will be key to the album's success, Don't ya think!

'Clear As Day' continues to rise on Amazon's best seller list


Clear As Day is now #27  #9 on the Amazon Best Seller List! It is the highest ranking album with the farthest out release date. All albums above him have either already been released or will be released in August or September.

Number 26 though? The Muppets :) Mr. Mike McCreery had some fun with that on Twitter while commenting that he is feeling humbled about being number 27. I'm sure Scotty would say the same:)

Way to go, fans of Scotty! Number 27 in just this short of time isn't too shabby!

In the short time since I first posted, Scotty's jumped to #23!

'Scotty McCreery' Interview with Judy McCreery

This is a great interview with Judy McCreery, a lot of back information on how they picked songs etc. Really great!! Thanks for the person who posted in the comment section about it!! Hear Mrs. McCreery talk about fan encounters at their home, and more. She also says "Scotty is a light in the world of pop culture and entertainment." I'm sure it has to be scary having fans show up at their door,and must be difficult to have your private life suddenly on display.

EDIT: Somebody mentioned in the comment section there is a longer video of this interview. That video does not have a code to embed, so here is the link.