Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scotty McCreery - Scotty's for sale on E-Bay

For Sale on eBay: Scotty McCreery Earrings

As ‘American Idol’ winner Scotty McCreery tours the country with his fellow contestants, fans are finding ways to personalize their love for the 17-year-old singer. Search ‘Scotty McCreery’ on Ebay and you’ll find a number of typical and atypical presents for the ‘Scotty Hottie’ in your life. What woman’s earring tree is complete without the singer’s grinning mugshot?

The above necklace and earring set are sweet — if not a little strange — and they can be yours for just $13.95. Not your style? How about the below pair of American Idols Live Tour ticket stub earrings? They’re from the Madison Square Garden show in New York City, so this set is sure to be the hit amongst McCreery fans in the Big Apple. Perhaps even the ladies from ‘Desperate Housewives of New York’ will soon be seen sporting a pair.

Those may be a little long for women with high shoulders. Heck, those might be a little long for a giraffe. So the final accessory pictured below could be perfect for you or the woman in your life. For $8.95, one can enjoy a pair of Scotty McCreery bust earrings. This photo of the deep-voiced crooner shows off the cross he famously kissed after working with Lady Gaga on the show. One wonders how he’d feel about the hole through his forehead, however.