Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Breaking News: 'Clear As Day' to be released October 4

It's official! Scotty's email was just sent out and announced that his album will be titled Clear As Day and released on 10/4.

Scotty said in his message that the whole experience has been 'amazing' and he is 'so fortunate to have so many talented people contributing to [his] first album'. He loves working with Mark Bright, who has also worked with some of the best musicians in Nashville. He went on to say that they also have songs on it from some of the best songwriters in country music.

Scotty made sure to mention that Clear As Day is 'definitely country' and him as well. He wrote that 'it has some old country influences and elements, but it also has a contemporary feel with fun up-tempo songs. It's a good mixture.'. Scotty continued by saying that along with his label, they tried to pick relatable songs not only to Scotty himself but to his fans as well. Songs that 'others would feel and relate to'. He said their main goal was to make an album that the fans liked and in attempting to do so, they focused on 'making the best music possible'.

Scotty ended by saying that he's proud of Clear As Day and 'so grateful to have the opportunity to record an album before [his] 18th birthday'. He thanked the fans by concluding with 'and of course, none of the success of the last year would have been possible without you, so let me end by saying thanks for everything'.

So mark your calendars! October 4th it is for Clear As Day!

Scotty McCreery - ILYTB at 479K downloads

"According to SoundScan, Scotty McCreery's "I Love You This Big" had 19K downloads last week, putting it @ 479K...

I found this posted on tweeted by Brian Mansfield from USA today

Scotty McCreery - Do you have a question for Scotty

Do You Have A Question for American Idol's Top 11?

'GMA' and 'American Idol' Want to Hear from You!

Did you love this season's American Idol contestants?

The top 11 finalists from "American Idol's" Season 10 will sing their hearts out on Friday, August 12 for Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series.

Do you have a question for them? Submit your question and it may be answered for the show or online!

Click/follow the link below for instructions on how to submit your questions.

A very interesting clue.... posted an article talking about the breaking news being released tonight from Scotty's (as well as Lauren's) site. But he also posted something I found interesting...

Here’s something weird. If you set your computer clock to 7 pm, and surf to their respective websites, you receive a popup that says ‘get the new single at iTunes today’. Which makes no sense, because singles are usually released on Tuesday, and typically there is more advance warning ahead of a new single release? Maybe it’s just a reminder to download their current singles, “I Love You This Big” and “Like My Mother Does”

So I don’t know… We’ll find out at 8 pm.

I tried it out for myself and this is what I saw:

Interesting, right?! Time is ticking away. :)

Just A Country Boy At Heart: Champ Scotty McCreery reflects


For "American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery, the pressure of doing an arena show is nothing compared to the week-in and week-out grind of the reality competition.
"This tour is just about having fun and going out and singing for the fans," says McCreery, who appears Saturday, Aug. 13, as part of the American Idols Live! show at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.
Joining McCreery are the rest of the Top 11 from the last season of the Fox juggernaut, including runner up Lauren Alaina and top rivals James Durbin, Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk.
McCreery, a deep-voiced 17 year old from Garner, N.C., is more the exception than the rule among "Idol" champions:
He's the second youngest performer to take the title, and the first male country winner.
Ahead of making his A.C. debut, McCreery talks about the thrill of winning the crown, his career idol and how he doesn't aim to become the "Country Bieber."

Question: One of the perks of being the "Idol" winner is closing the touring version of the show. Do you have a certain ritual before you go on?
Answer: I get the chance to go out there and hide behind the bleachers and watch the rest of the show. I get dressed real quick, and head out to sing.
Q: How are you handling being in the new "Idol" spotlight?
A: It's definitely been the experience of a lifetime. It was definitely a pressure cooker, but I made memories I'll never forget and friends I'll have for a lifetime. I'm fortunate to be able to experience it.
Q: What surprised you the most about actually being on the show vs. watching it from home?
A: When you watch the show from home, you don't see the seven days a week (part), working all hours of the day. It's definitely a lot of work.
Q: Looking back, can you see a turning point in your favor?
A: It was definitely a week-to-week thing. I just remember, the Top Five, I had just moved into an apartment, and I said I want to sing this thing. I tried to kick it in gear with 'Gone.' From that moment, I was trying to go full steam ahead.
Q: Speaking of next steps, what kind of record are you planning for your Mercury Nashville debut?
A: It's definitely material that relates to me. What you saw on the show is what you get. I'm just Scotty - being a normal kid.
The album will have a lot of songs that will make you cry, and a lot of songs that will make you dance.
Q: Who are your career idols?
A: There's never been a teenage country music singer who's a male. It's going to be a new thing for me - a new formula. There's definitely a lot of people I look up to, that I hope my career would be somewhat like. People talk about me and Josh Turner. I look up to him mainly because of his lifestyle. His career is skyrocketing, but he's a nice, Christian guy, and has good values. Hopefully, I can stick to my guns throughout this whole process.
Q: Some Idols, especially the male winners, have struggled to really get their careers going. What's your long-term strategy?
A: I just want to have a nice career. I'm not looking to be a huge superstar or the next Justin Bieber. I'm looking to make good music, and have a good life out of all of this.

Scotty McCreery Playing Football Video

This is great, credit to REORACER. It's nice to see them all having some fun, getting to do normal things. Enjoy!

"I Love You This Big" Cover

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this, or maybe not.. It's just so good, I wanted to share it here... This guy is singing Scotty's song, and very nicely I might add... Additionally, he's easy on the eyes ladies :) lol