Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scotty McCreery - Mark Brights' thoughts on Scotty

I just posted the parts where Mark talked about Scotty. You can read the full interview by following this link.

The Producer's Chair - Mark Bright

It’s self-evident that Mark Bright is blessed to have been able to work with so many great singers which seems to have quickly become one of his claims to fame.

When Reba & Gary LeVox step up to the mic, they bring it every single time and when Carrie starts singing…things go to a whole new level. She’s fun, she’s funny and she’s there to the finish,” marveled Bright, who has again been recently blessed with another ‘remarkable singer’, Scotty McCreery, winner of American Idol’s 10th season. According to Bright, “It’s shocking how really good [Scotty] is.”

I then asked Mark if there were commonalities that he looks for in new artists that all major artists have, and without hesitation he said: “Yes, two things. Number one is Presence when they walk in the room. They either have it or they don’t. At 17 years old, you’d think that Scotty McCreery wouldn’t know which way is up, but that’s not the case. When that young man walks into a room he’s just got it. Number two is The Voice. I look for artists who can change the whole environment in the studio, when they open their mouth to sing.”

Scotty McCreery - FM1061 Interview

This reporter was so excited to be interviewing Scotty.
Scotty can see his fans and their signs when performing
What legends would he love to do a duet with?
The American Idols of Season 10 plan on keeping in touch after the tour ends.