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Scotty McCreery Performance at the Cubs Game "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

Scotty McCreery Performance at the Cubs Game "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"


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Scotty McCreery - ILYTB at Milwaukee where it all began

Couldn't resist posting this video-Milwaukee gave him a great reception.
Scotty told the audience where he was sitting the day his AI journey began.

Scotty Talks American Idol, Prom, Wrigley Field, And More!

From US99.5:

Is he the hottest thing in country? I think the Chicago Women have voted “YES”!

American Idol winner Scotty McCreery stopped by the US99.5 Studios to talk to Lisa Dent and it was non-stop calls from girls of every age wanting to talk to him.

In addition to the American Idol Live! show tomorrow night, Scotty also talked about singing the 7th Inning Stretch today at Wrigley Field!

Find out that and also who he brought with him for his trip to the station!

Follow this link for the audio to the on-air interview:

When asked who he could see himself opening up for, Scotty says they're talking about it right now, trying to get the details worked out. From what he is hearing, it's a pretty big act (!!) but he can't spill because it's not official.

Scotty to sing TODAY at the Chicago Cubs game

Here are a two pictures from Scotty's day at Wrigley!

(Courtesy of @cubsinsider)

(Courtesy of @US99Chicago)

(Courtesy of @US99Chicago)

The game starts at 2:20 eastern TODAY- August 5. Make sure to check your local listings to find the game on WGN and tune in!

Sorry for the sudden notice, but thankfully Mrs. Judy McCreery posted about it so we could all be in the loop :)

Scotty McCreery - Sells 100K Records!!

Scotty McCreery Sells 100K Records!


Scotty faces the press for the first time after being crowned American Idol.

USA Today has released this week's American Idol album sales. After reading their round-up, one thing is clear: America and their iPods love Scotty McCreery.

Back in June, the country crooner released an EP with Walmart. A little over a month later and he's already sold 100,000 copies! The record is sitting pretty at #21 on the Billboard Top 200 with 16,000 copies pushed in the last week alone. Haters to the left! We're ready to declare Scotty McCreery a certified hit-maker.

Runner-up Lauren Alaina will have to play a little catch-up if she wants to reach Scotty's numbers. After sellling 47,000 copies, her Walmart EP hangs at #89 on the Billboard Top 200.

Nonetheless, the Southern twosome are still edging ahead of the American Idol pack. Scotty and Lauren's records have topped the EPs of fellow Season 10-ers Haley Reinhart and James Durbin. The teens even managed to top the week's album sales of Idol mainstays like David Cook, Carrie Underwood, and Daughtry.

American Idol Album Sales of the Week
Scotty McCreery, American Idol Season 10: Scotty McCreery EP (16,000, +13%, 102,000) (#21 Billboard 200)
Lauren Alaina, American Idol Season 10: Lauren Alaina EP (5,000, +9%, 47,000) (#89 BB 200)
David Cook, This Loud Morning (5,000, -22%, 77,000) (#94 BB 200)
Haley Reinhart, American Idol Season 10: Haley Reinhart EP (5,000, -1%, 40,000) (#96 BB 200)
James Durbin, American Idol Season 10: James Durbin (5,000, -7%, 42,000) (#97 BB 200)
Jennifer Hudson, I Remember Me (3,000, +1%, 380,000) (#174 BB 200)
Carrie Underwood, Play On (2,000, 0 change, 2.024 million)
Mandisa, What If We Were Real (2,000, -12%, 56,000)
Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts (1,000, +12%, 7.12 million)
Daughtry, Daughtry (1,000, +7%)

Source: USA Today

Scotty McCreery - No plans to pull a Tim McGraw

Scotty McCreery Has No Plans to ‘Pull a Tim McGraw’ and Act in a Movie

We all know that ‘American Idol’ Season 10 champion and country music darling
Scotty McCreery has a musical future so bright that it’s blinding. While the ‘I Love You This Big’ singer spent plenty of time in Hollywood over the past year, navigating his way through the ‘Idol’ process and win, he isn’t sure he wants to make like many other stars and transition to films.

In a chat with WSOC radio, McCreery referred to L.A. as the “concrete jungle” and admitted that there is no acting in his immediate future. “I don’t know if I will pull a Tim McGraw or not,” McCreery said. “I’m going to stick with country.” Sticking with what he knew served him well on ‘Idol’ since he did, you know, win. But McCreery did duet with McGraw on one of the final episodes, so if he is still in touch with him, maybe he should seek acting pointers and career advice, as McGraw has done it all.

McCreery should never say never, either, since he did not expect to make it very far on ‘Idol’ … and look where he ended up.

McCreery remains the same down-home, unassuming country boy from Garner, N.C. who made it a point to grab a biscuit from Bojangles as soon as he returned from the West Coast and ‘Idol’-land. Since Bojangles is a local fast food joint that has not made its way to California, McCreery needed to feast on some regional cuisine. He also had himself a nice glass of sweet tea, acknowledging it’s only available in one pocket of the country. While L.A. has Hamburger Hamlet, In N Out Burger, Pink’s and Millions of Milkshakes, McCreery prefers the southern fare of home.

McCreery’s earning potential has increased exponentially with the win, so he no longer has to bag groceries in Garner. But he hasn’t gotten extravagant with his new income, saying that the biggest thing he purchased since the win was “a bunch of movies for the tour … that I wouldn’t have bought before.” McCreery’s feet are still planted on the ground, and he continued, “I haven’t gone out and bought a gold chain 24-carat or anything. I’m still eatin’ off the dollar menu.”

Scotty McCreery - Changes hats in Millwaukee

Scotty rockin in the finale
with the cheesehead

Scotty McCreery -

Review: At 10, 'American Idol' isn't completely idle

As for season champion Scotty McCreery, he displayed the same killer combination of youthful good looks, rumbling bass vocals and approachable confidence that made him a lock to win.

He managed to hit pretty much every one of his highlights from the show - "Your Man," "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not," "Gone" - and even sold the nonsense that is his first single, "I Love You This Big." And he's only 17!

Assuming his label doesn't muck up marketing him, McCreery could become one of the show's biggest graduates in years, just the adrenaline boost "Idol" needs to keep up with the competition.

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Scotty McCreery - Teen Choice Awards this weekend

Teen Choice Awards 2011: Nominee “American Idol” Scotty McCreery Premiere’s “I Love You This Big” Video August 9, Sneak Peek VIDEO

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“American Idol” winner Scotty McCreery is up for a Teen Choice 2011 Award this weekend. He will also premiere his new music video for his debut single “I Love You This Big” next week.

We are bringing you a sneak peek behind the scenes of the video, just so you can get as excited as I am about the release and see why you want to vote for him at the Teen Choice Awards.

Country singer Scotty McCreery Tweeted that the promo for “I Love You This Big” will be revealed on Wednesday, August 9 on CMT. A teaser video clip has been released. It was filmed in Los Angeles. He says the idea behind the video was a “chilled summer barbecue.”

Scotty premiered the track “I Love You This Big” on the “American Idol” 10th season finale where he beat Lauren Alaina for the title.

The song, sung by Scotty McCreery, made country music history by becoming the highest-charting new artist debut for over 20 years when it entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at number 32.

McCreery was reportedly “humbled” and “shocked” by his success. He said how thrilled he was to be in the charts alongside his musical heroes.

“What I love about ‘I Love You This Big’ is that it can mean different things to different people. It could be about the relationship between a couple in love or a parent and child,” said our sweet and innocent Scotty.

McCreery is now on the “American Idols Live” tour with the rest of season ten’s Top 11 until September. He has been nominated in the “Choice Music Breakout Artist” category at this weekend’s Teen Choice 2011, competing with “The Voice’s” Javier Colon, Adele, Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa.

Good luck, Scotty McCreery! Watch the teaser for “I Love You This Big” below:

**the embedded code was disabled for this video - but it is the interview that Scotty did with Access Hollywood***

Scotty McCreery - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Friday, August 5, 2011

Teenager Scotty McCreery recalls his initial ″American Idol″ audition last summer in Milwaukee, where he arrived at 4:45 a.m. with his father. The younger McCreery looked at the massive crowds surrounding them, and feeling intimidated said, ″What are we doing here?″

″There were so many great singers there,″ says McCreery, a singer and songwriter who took the top spot in the Fox show's 10th season. ″It's still amazing that I even made it that far. It's like winning the lottery, but somebody has to do it.″

Now, McCreery, who has signed a record deal with Mercury Nashville, has advice for the more than 12,000 Western Pennsylvanians and others who auditioned at Heinz Field last month.

″Just go in there, and be confident and unique,″ says McCreery, 17, of Garner, N.C. The high-school senior is one of the top 11 Idol finalists who are coming to the Consol Energy Center on Wednesday for ″American Idol Live!″

″You've just got to go in there with the attitude that somebody in this room has got it -- why can't it be me?″ McCreery says. ″Go in there, and be confident.″

McCreery, who hopes to release his first album by the end of the year, is joining 10 runners-up on the stage for a popular concert tour featuring audience favorites, with individual and group numbers. Perhaps, the show's recent Pittsburgh auditions will fire up more locals to attend the live concert, and watch the show when it returns for its 11th season next year, McCreery says.

″It's always a big deal if 'American Idol' rolls into town,″ he says. ″It's always good for the city. We get to have a big turnout and have a great time there.″

Jacob Lusk, who finished in fifth place on the show, says he had a cautiously realistic view of his odds when he first lined up last year for his audition in Los Angeles.

″I thought, 'Hopefully, I'll make it. If I don't, I won't lose my mind, and I won't die,' ″ says Lusk, 24, of Compton, Calif.

Then, producers announced the celebrity judge lineup -- newcomers Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, and veteran Randy Jackson. Lusk, known for happy R&B and pop music, knew he just had to make it through. He said a prayer to God, that if it's meant to be, it will be. And it was.

″I just went in there and did my best,″ Lusk says. He also does acting, and says he has movie projects in the works. ″Everything just really aligned. Everything happens for a reason.″

Lusk offers advice for Pittsburgh auditioners who were selected to perform in an intermediate round at an unspecified time this summer. Near the end of the summer, about 200 auditioners will go before the celebrity judges, and, possibly, appear on the show.

″Really, give it your all; don't hold back,″ Lusk says. ″Be entertaining and just really enjoy yourself. Don't hold anything back, and don't have any regrets. Don't worry about making it or not making it. Just go in there and have a good time.

″Show them who you are,″ he says.