Monday, August 1, 2011

Scotty McCreery- lines - funny video

Third times a charm Scotty!!
Now is it K92 crew or K92 Q??

Scotty McCreery in Nashville - Great Interview

Scotty talks to press in Nashville about what it was like to work with Lady Gaga & Don Was.
He completed 2 more songs for his album while in Nashville & had a meeting with his team to set goals & lay out a plan for his future.

Scotty McCreery interviewed by Haley

Scotty has secured his date for future CMA shows, the prom & a day swimming and eating fried chicken with this lovely reporter.

Scotty McCreery QDR Commerical

Could Scotty be preparing to cross over to films already? He shows off some of his acting ability in this video.

Scotty McCreery - What does Josh Turner have to say about the American Idol

Josh talks about surprising Scotty at his home town concert. When did Josh & Scotty actually meet? You'll find out in this interview.

Scotty McCreery In Nashville

Scotty says he's rockin just a little bit on his new album and a couple songs he's down in the basement with his voice. He also had some nice comments about his idol Josh Turner.