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I'm trying something out since I had a few people ask about it. I've created a forum message board.  It needs tweeking. The red annoys me as do the adds. I can pay to have the adds removed. Isn't that funny, I have to pay for that :/  But I hate adds on sites, I find them annoying.  So those aren't mine, it's the message board doing it.  I will work on it more tonight, and add different smileys, and figure out how to add a banner at the top.  :)  But head over and introduce yourself and we'll see where it goes. Also at the top of the site HERE is a a tab that says forums, click the tab and the link to the forum is there. 

Scotty McCreery Mom Judy interviewed by QDR

This is great, a lot of behind the scene tour info.  Scotty has taken to fame like a duck to water <3

Scroll down and under Scotty's interview is her interview, it's really good! <3   It's in a few parts, it's just so great! Enjoy! She is awesome, also some tidbits on the album, he's laid down 8 tracks.  One song made her cry as soon as she heard it! Ahh can't wait for the album!!  He is being pitched some of the best material from the greatest song writers in Nashville!! ahhhhhh Seriously can't wait! And Judy clears up a rumor, NO PLANS ON MOVING and Their house is NOT up for sale. lol  <-- go here and scroll down and it's under Scotty Interview there are 3 parts. 
                                            Judy and Grandma during idol. Look at the pride <3

Scotty McCreery in Country Weekly Magazine

I just can't say thank you enough to the reader who sent me these scans!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Now to figure out how to make them easy to read, haha.  Ok I will post each scan, and I believe if you click each scan you can make them bigger to read <3  I've inserted a page break because there are 6 different scans and they take up a lot of space! The person who sent me these please comment in the comment section so the rest of us can ohh and ahhh at you and thank you over and over!! lolol <3

Scotty McCreery on the cover of Carolina Country

The article is a PDF file, hopefully this link works if not try this one  and click Scotty Won PDF GREAT ARTICLE!!

Scotty McCreery Homecoming Video Nominated For Emmy

Scotty McCreery Homecoming Video Nominated For Emmy

From News and Observer! And thanks to you guys who put it in the comments section!! <3

 We'll try to have more on all the Emmy nominations a little later (our opinions, like you care!), but this jumped out at us: the segment featuring Scotty McCreery's Garner homecoming on "American Idol" was nominated for an Emmy in the category of "Outstanding Short-Form Picture Editing." We agree it was outstanding!

Note that the nomination is for "Scotty's Home Story," not the whole episode or anyone else's story. Scotty's story.

Scotty's story is up against some tough competition, though. That entry will have to battle the Academy Awards, the ESPY Awards, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Overall, it looks like "American Idol" received 10 Emmy nominations. The other nominations were in the following categories: The show itself for Outstanding Reality-Competition show; Ryan Seacrest for Outstanding Reality Show Host; Outstanding Sound Editing for a Nonfiction Program (New Orleans Audition #2); Outstanding Sound Mixing for Variety or Musical Series or Special (Finale); Outstanding Sound Mixing for Nonfiction Program (New Orleans Audition #2); Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control for a Series (finale); Outstanding Art Direction for Variety, Musical or Nonfiction Program (ep 1018); Outstanding Directing for a Variety, Music or Comedy series (ep 1024/1025A); Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Series (finale).

Here's the full list for Scotty's Home Story category:


83rd Annual Academy Awards • Opening Film • ABC • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Troy Miller, Opening Film by
Noah Rosenstein, Editor

83rd Annual Academy Awards • This Year’s Unintentional Musicals • ABC • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Michael Gregory, This Year’s Unintentional Musicals By
Evan Gregory, This Year’s Unintentional Musicals By

American Idol • Top 3 – Results Show – Scotty’s Home Story • FOX • FremantleMedia North America, Inc. and 19 TV Limited
Oren Castro, Editor

The 2010 ESPY Awards • Images Piece • ESPN • BTW Productions
Matt O’Connor, Editor
Anthony Marchegiano, Editor

Jimmy Kimmel Live • After The Academy Awards – The President’s Speech • ABC • ABC Studios in association with Jackhole Industries
Brian Marsh, Editor

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Scotty McCreery on the set of his music video

Scotty McCreery on the set of his music video! Thanks for the heads up in the comments section here